Find a Family Cord Blood Bank

Cryo-Save - Germany   compare bank:

Aachen, Germany

Cryo-Save GmbH is the German laboratory affiliate of Cryo-Save, the largest family cord blood bank in Europe. With more than 250.000 samples stored and four fully-owned storage facilities throughout the world, Cryo-Save has over ten years’ experience and state-of-the-art technical know-how, providing the basis for a strong and reliable organization.  An ethical approach, scientific professionalism and customer-focused care are the core elements of our daily activities, as we strive to be an active player in life-science development in over 40 countries.

eticur)   compare bank:

Martinsried, Germany

 eticur) GmbH is based at the University of Erlangen and provides both family storage of cord blood and public donation within Germany.

MLB   compare bank:

Bonn, Germany

MLB Lab GmbH is short for Medizinische Laboratorien Bonn.  They are a laboratory that specializes in stem cells and provides family cord blood banking both locally and as a contract laboratory for partners in Bulgaria, Rumania, and Spain.

Seracell   compare bank:

Rostock, Germany

Seracell was founded in 2002 by physicians working at the Stem Cell Transplant Unit of Rostock University Hospital. In 2009 Seracell started its family cord blood banking service.  Seracell is Germany's fastest growing family cord blood bank, with over 55,000 units banked as of March 2015.

Vita 34   compare bank:

Leipzig, Germany

Vita 34 was the first private umbilical cord blood bank in Europe and now has more than 18 years of experience in this field. The core business of Vita 34 is the collection, processing and long-term storage of blood and stem cell products for the therapy of different diseases. With cord blood inventory over 127,000, Vita 34 is the clear market leader in the German-speaking countries. Vita 34 is the leader in Europe for cord blood therapies from private storage, with 29 successful applications of umbilical cord blood.