Find a Family Cord Blood Bank

BCU Colombia   compare bank:

Bogota, Colombia

BCU is proud to be a company with very high quality standards and carries certification under ISO 9001:2008 standards for both the laboratory and the administrative area.

Celulas Madre Colombia   compare bank:

Cali, Colombia

Celulas Madre Colombia is the Colombia Affiliate of GeneCell International. Parents have a choice of two United States laboratories: GeneCell International in Miami, Florida or Community Blood Services in Allendale, New Jersey.

Cordón de Vida   compare bank:

Medellin, Colombia

Cordón de Vida is a subsidiary of the fertility clinic InSer, El Instituto Antioqueño de Reproducción, founded in Bogóta in 1995.  Cordón de Vida was the first bank in South America to process cord blood with the state of the art, fully automated Sepax system from Biosafe.  The Sepax processing kit is a sterile, single-use, functionally closed system, so that the cord blood never comes into contact with the external environment.

Redcord   compare bank:

Bogota, Colombia

Redcord S.A is one of the largest privately owned cord blood banks in Colombia. Their purpose is to provide unparalleled customer service based on high-end technologies throughout the collection and cryo-preservation of cord blood stem cells. Their laboratory is accredited by the Colombian health agency INVIMA and by ISO 9001-2000. They follow the protocols of JACIE, and FACT accreditation is under process.

Stem Medicina Regenerativa   compare bank:

Bogota, Colombia

Stem Medicina Regenerativa (Banco de Células Stem de Colombia) leads stem cell banking in Colombia, with extensive experience not only in cryopreservation of umbilical cord stem cells, but also in clinical application, with more than 40 successful transplants. We are the only Colombian bank with the endorsement of FECOLSOG (Colombian Federation of Gynaecologycs and Obstetrics). We are also certified by ISO and ICONTEC, and work closely with COLCIENCIAS as a research group. We specialize in the complete cycle of Regenerative Medicine.