Find a Family Cord Blood Bank

Insception Lifebank   compare bank:

Mississauga, Canada

Insception Lifebank Cord Blood Program, is the first, largest and most experienced national FACT‐accredited cord blood bank in Canada. In September 2012, Insception acquired Lifebank Corporation based in Vancouver, British Columbia.  By continuing to partner with leading Canadian hospitals such as Toronto's Mount Sinai, Sunnybrook, and Scarborough Hospitals, the Insception Lifebank Cord Blood Program is able to provide every Canadian family with security, state‐of‐ the‐art processing and storage, financial stability and long-term professional governance.

Cells for Life   compare bank:

Markham, Canada

Cells for Life is one of the oldest and largest cord blood companies in Canada. Since 1997, Cells for Life has stored over 36,000 cord blood units. We take pride in the fact that Cells for Life was founded by medical professionals and continues to be managed by a professional team of doctors, scientists and registered nurses. Our Medical Director, Obstetrician Dr. Michael Virro is supported by our clinical educators whom have extensive experience in labour & delivery and pediatrics. In addition, we have developed strong, long term relationships with hospitals, clinics, medical and birthing professionals across Canada to maintain quality throughout the entire process.

CReATe   compare bank:

Toronto, Canada

CReATe is a Canadian family cord blood bank. We offer expectant parents the option to bank both umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord tissue (Peristem™) stem cells for future family use. Founded in 2005 by Dr. Clifford Librach, CReATe is the only bank in Canada that offers both cord blood and Peristem™ umbilical cord tissue stem cell banking. Umbilical cord tissue derived stem cells have great therapeutic and regenerative potential. Banking both sets of stem cells increases treatment options with cord blood, and also broadens the range of diseases that could be managed with umbilical cord stem cells.

Progenics   compare bank:

Toronto, Canada

Progenics Cord Blood Cryobank was founded by Laboratory & Scientific Director Dr. Hongyou Yang. He has over 30 years experience in stem cell banking and has published several articles on cord blood cryopreservation. Progenics uses a unique processing method based on his research. Progenics is based in the Toronto area and their website is available in English, French, and Chinese.

Stem Sciences   compare bank:

Toronto, Canada

Stem Sciences shares the laboratory services of CReATe.

Canadian Cord Blood Registry   compare bank:

Edmonton, Canada

Canadian Cord Blood Registry is a family banking service provided by the Alberta Cord Blood Bank, Canada's first public cord blood bank founded in 1996.

Healthcord   compare bank:

Vancouver, Canada

Healthcord Cryogenics Corp. is a Canadian biotechnology company founded by scientists to specialize in the collection and cryopreservation of stem cells for potential therapeutic use.

OVO biosurance   compare bank:

Montreal, Canada

Ovo biosurance, the only cord blood bank in the province of Québec, is a subdivision of the reputable Clinique Ovo in Montréal. Their mission is to offer parents and health care providers information pertaining to the promising clinical benefits of stem cells, in French or English.