Find a Family Cord Blood Bank

Precious Cells - UAE   compare bank:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Omni Medical is the marketing affiliate of Precious Cells Group in UAE. Precious Cells is the first UK BioBank founded by PhD level stem cell scientists and medical professionals. Precious Cells offers storage of stem cells from cord blood, peripheral blood, bone marrow, dental pulp and adipose tissue.

MedCells (Cells4Life)   compare bank:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

MedCells is a Dubai-based company that serves as the Middle East affiliate of the UK bank Cells4Life. They offer either whole or volume reduced cord blood and cord tissue storage so that the samples can be used for regenerative or transplant medicine.  Whole cord blood storage captures those cells that are currently known and even those that may yet be discovered.  Cells4Life is the only UK company whose laboratory is open 24/7, 365 days per year, to offer geographically separate dual storage locations and dedicated medical courier collection.

Smart Cells - UAE   compare bank:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Smart Cells International has been safely storing stem cells for families around the world since 2001, and have released stem cells for use in transplants to clinics in Singapore, Germany, USA and London.  Smart Cells International holds a HTA license for procurement, processing, import and export and testing and storage of human tissue.

BioVault ME   compare bank:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Biovault Middle East, under the leadership of Dr. Denise De Wiest, is a Dubai-based company that brings the services of the UK bank BioVault to the Middle East.  BioVault is the UK's largest human tissue bank, providing both public banking services for the National Health Service as well as private banking services to families.  BioVault holds an open ended, unconditional HTA license covering every aspect of all human tissue transplantation.

Cryo-Save Arabia   compare bank:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Cryo-Save Arabia, the GCC region's first private Cord Blood Stem Cell Bank, was officially launched on September 11, 2006, by the UAE Minister of Health. Cryo-Save Arabia is part of the European Bank Cryo-Save.  Cryo-Save Arabia owns and operates the region’s largest and most technologically advanced private laboratory and cryogenic preservation facility that is dedicated and designed exclusively to handle the stem cells found in the umbilical cord blood of newborns. It is accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB).

DCRC   compare bank:

, United Arab Emirates

Dubai Cord Blood & Research Centre (DCRC) was the nation's first public cord blood bank, established by the Dubai Health Authority, and began offering family banking in 2014.

Future Health - UAE   compare bank:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Future Health was the UK's first fully accredited private Human Tissue Bank and is licensed to transport biological samples around the world and to store cells and tissues for use by either the donor, the donor's family, or an unrelated person.  Future Health serves multiple nations and their website is available in multiple languages.

LifeCell Arabia   compare bank:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

India's first cord blood bank LifeCell extended its operations to the GCC region in the year 2008. LifeCell Arabia has hundreds of satisfied clients across different nationalities & cultures. LifeCell Arabia is the only provider in the GCC market offering unique services such as menstrual blood stem cell banking and newborn genetic screening for 118 congenital conditions. LifeCell Arabia embraces the sensitive needs of its clients and extends many client benefit programs such as the LifeCell Cares Program, the Disaster Relief Program, and dual storage of stem cells in India.