Find a Family Cord Blood Bank

Acıbadem Labcell   compare bank:

Istanbul, Turkey

Acıbadem Labcell is Turkey's largest stem cell bank.

GenKord   compare bank:

Istanbul, Turkey

We perform family cord blood banking and stem cell storage services in a cellular processing and cryopreservation laboratory in Boğaziçi University Kandilli Institution which belongs to us. Our cellular processing and cryopreservation laboratory has an environment and procedure process that can be traced and has the standards of Good Manufacturing Process (GMP).

LifeCord Turkey   compare bank:

Istanbul, Turkey

LifeCord in Turkey is an affiliate of Stem Care in Denmark.

Novas   compare bank:

Istanbul, Turkey

Novas is the representative of the Swiss Stem Cell Bank in Turkey.

Onkim   compare bank:

Istanbul, Turkey

Onkim Stem Cell Technologies Inc. (Onkim Kök Hücre Teknolojileri A.Ş.) located in Istanbul Technical University Ayazaga Campus has a storage and production facility of a competency level that can provide R&D support to National and International instituons.

Yasam Bankasi   compare bank:

Ankara, Turkey

Founded in 2002, Yasam Bankasi transformed into a joint stock company in 2010, and established their own laboratories located at Cankaya Ankara.