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Cryoviva   compare bank:

Bangkok, Thailand

Cryoviva (Thailand) Ltd. is the only AABB accredited family cord blood bank in Thailand. The company has been operating since 2007 and has expanded their service to store cord tissue and to culture Mesenchymal Stem Cells from the Wharton’s Jelly part of the cord tissue. The company has experience in shipping the stored cord blood stem cells for transplantation. The company has expanded their service to cover 22 countries including Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and others. 

Thai HealthBaby   compare bank:

Bangkok, Thailand

Thai HealthBaby of Thailand is a member of the HealthBanks Biotech Group: the most established Asian cord blood bank, with sibling branches in Hong Kong (HealthBaby), Macau (HealthBaby), Thailand (Thai HealthBaby), the USA (PacifiCord), and at the Group base in Taiwan (HealthBanks). Apart from the global network, the Group has over 12 years of cord blood banking experience and has attained the most international accreditations (include FACT, CAP, AABB, HOKLAS, ISO etc.).

THAI StemLife   compare bank:

Bangkok, Thailand

THAI StemLife is the first and largest stem cell bank that serves Thailand and stores stem cells in Thailand.  THAI StemLife is also the only Thai cord blood bank that has released cells for pediatric treatments and published peer-reviewed research.