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BabyBanks   compare bank:

Taipei City, Taiwan, Province of China

BabyBanks cord blood bank is a division of BIONET Corp.  Founded in Taiwan in 1999, BIONET is a leader in stem cell banking and genetic testing, and has grown to be a publicly listed company under CEO Dr. Chris Tsai.

HealthBanks   compare bank:

Taipei City, Taiwan, Province of China

HealthBanks Biotech Group is the most established Asian cord blood bank, with headquarters in Taiwan and sibling branches in Hong Kong (HealthBaby), Macau (HealthBaby), Thailand (Thai HealthBaby), and the USA (PacifiCord). Apart from the global network, the Group has over 14 years of cord blood banking experience and has attained the most international accreditations (include FACT, CAP, AABB, HOKLAS, ISO etc.). The Group has exclusively attained U.S. , China and H.K. Patented technology for extracting the whole cord tissue as well as the unique processing, storage and culture technologies can fully enhance the quantity and viability of tissue cells after thawing. HealthBanks in Taiwan also operates a public bank accepting cord blood donations in Taiwan that is a member of the USA National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP or Be The Match).

Sino Cell Technologies   compare bank:

Hsinchu City, Taiwan, Province of China

Sino Cell Technologies Inc. (SCT), with its Chinese name meaning "regenerative destiny", was established by Dr. David Liu & associates in 2001 and is now part of the Yuen Foong Yu Group, one of the first groups of biotech investment in Taiwan.

StemCyte Taiwan   compare bank:

New Taipei City, Taiwan, Province of China

StemCyte is an internationally recognized public and private (hybrid) cord blood bank, with branches in the US, Taiwan, and India. Currently (2014) more than 1,900 cord blood transplants have been provided from the net public bank, going to patients at more than 290 medical centers, of which more than 300 units came from Taiwan.