Find a Family Cord Blood Bank

Precious Cells - Switzerland   compare bank:

Sursee, Switzerland

A&L Pharmacy is the marketing affiliate of Precious Cells Group in Switzerland. Precious Cells is the first UK BioBank founded by PhD level stem cell scientists and medical professionals. Precious Cells offers storage of stem cells from cord blood, peripheral blood, bone marrow, dental pulp and adipose tissue.

CordSavings   compare bank:

Monthey, Switzerland

CordSavings SA was launched in 2012 with the goal of both providing private cord blood storage and accepting cord blood donations for the public. In March 2014 they signed an agreement of cooperation with the Famicord Group.

Cryo-Save   compare bank:

Pfäffikon, Switzerland

Cryo-Save is the largest family cord blood bank in Europe. With more than 250.000 samples stored and four fully-owned storage facilities throughout the world, Cryo-Save has over ten years’ experience and state-of-the-art technical know-how, providing the basis for a strong and reliable organization.  An ethical approach, scientific professionalism and customer-focused care are the core elements of our daily activities, as we strive to be an active player in life-science development in over 40 countries.

Future Health Biobank   compare bank:

Châtel-St-Denis, Switzerland

Future Health Biobank has local presence in over 29 countries and have collected samples from over 54 countries. Their international website is available in numerous languages.

Genico   compare bank:

Ascona, Switzerland

Genico is an independent company which owns a private biobank and keeps personal and face to face contacts with mothers through its network of accredited advisors. Company offices and laboratory are located in Ascona and Sementina, Switzerland.

Salveo   compare bank:

Plan-les-Ouates, Switzerland

Salveo Biotechnology, operational structure of Salveo Holding, is a Swiss private laboratory specialized in stem cells cryopreservation and cell culture. Created in 2011, it is also a high-tech platform made up of experts in the service of regenerative medicine.

Swiss Stem Cells Bank   compare bank:

Taverne, Switzerland

SSCB, Swiss Stem Cells Bank, was the first Swiss structure to offer a private service for umbilical cord stem cell storage - and to completely manage, exclusively on the Swiss territory, in structures of its own, lab activities and the storage of cell samples, which currently number about 20,000. Swiss Stem Cell Bank has recently been awarded the prestigious FACT-NetCord accreditation. SSCB is the first FACT-NetCord accredited umbilical cord bank in Switzerland and the fifth private in the world. SSCB also offers patients advice on clinical trials that employ the stem cells from umbilical cord blood.

Vita 34 - Switzerland   compare bank:

Basel, Switzerland

Vita 34 was the first family cord blood bank in Europe and is the leader in Europe for the number of cord blood therapies from private storage.  Vita 34 only offers family storage in regions where their courier can transport the blood within 24 hours, any day of the year: Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.  Contact Vita34 directly for arrangements.