Find a Family Cord Blood Bank

CryoCenter   compare bank:

Moscow, Russian Federation

CryoCenter has the longest history of accreditation with the Russian Ministry of Health (since 2004) and the Federal Service on Surveillance in Healthcare and Social Development (Roszdravnadzor). More than 15,000 families already have their baby's cord blood stem cells entrusted to CryoCenter.

Gemabank   compare bank:

Moscow, Russian Federation

Gemabank is owned by Human Stem Cells Institute and is the largest family cord blood bank in Russia.

Pokrovsky Stem Cell Bank   compare bank:

St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

Pokrovsky Medical Center operates PBSK, a stem cell bank in operation for seven years now. Pokrovsky Medical Center is a multidisciplinary clinic where medical services have world-class both outpatient and inpatient. The medical center and stem cell bank are located in St. Petersburg, but also have offices in Tver, Novgorod and Murmansk.

Samara Cord Blood Bank   compare bank:

Samara, Russian Federation

Since 2007 the State Health Care Institution of Samara Region operates a "Clinical Center of cellular technologies" in a GMP laboratory that provides residents of the region with access to reproductive technologies and cord blood storage.