Find a Family Cord Blood Bank

NECBB - Mexico   compare bank:

Mexico City, Mexico

New England Cord Blood Bank (NECBB), established in 1995, is a privately held family business that offers processing and storage of stem cells from your baby’s umbilical cord blood and tissue. We process, test, verify, and cryo-preserve collected stem cells at our state of the art facility just outside of Boston, USA.

Cordón Vital   compare bank:

Mexico City, Mexico

Cordón Vital es el único banco familiar de alto valor agregado en México y el único que ofrece guardar las células madre en su propio banco en México o en Estados Unidos con sus socios Cord Blood Registry  (CBR) o FamilyCord. Cuenta con tecnología de punta que garantiza la máxima recuperación celular y confiabilidad a largo plazo. Su respaldo internacional y alianzas estratégicas de colaboración con la Comunidad Científica y Bancos Públicos del país lo convierten en el banco familiar líder con la más alta calidad en México.

Banco de Cordon Umbilical (BCU)   compare bank:

Mexico City, Mexico

BCU is proud to be a company with very high quality standards and carries certification under ISO 9001-2008 standards for both the laboratory and the administrative area.

Biolife   compare bank:

Mexico City, Mexico

Biolife is the trademark of Essential Research Genetics, SA de CV, a Mexican company authorized by the Ministry of Health (COFEPRIS) to operate as Bank Cord Blood under license No. 11 TS 09010004. Biolife uses state-of-the-art fully automated cell separation and storage equipment. Biolife maintains a secure facility with access control and their own electrical generator. Biolife is committed to transparency towards the customer, that if the cord blood collected is insufficient or unsuitable for storage, the customer is informed of their options.

BSCU   compare bank:

Mexico City, Mexico

Banco de Células Madre de Cordón Umbilical (BSCU) is operated by Angeles Group, the biggest hospital-chain in Mexico. BSCU processes, stores, and releases transplants of stem cells from bone marrow and peripheral blood.  Since 2004 they have stored cord blood.

Cryo-Cell México   compare bank:

Guadalajara, Mexico

Cryo-Cell México is an independent company that offers nationwide service and strategic alliances with leading hospitals. Cryo-Cell México owns and operates their own secure laboratory and storage facility in México. Today, the company has over 87,000 clients in México, with room in their facility to expand to 350,000. Since inception, 100% of client specimens have been successfully viable upon thaw. Cryo-Cell México supports institutions and foundations dedicated to children with cancer.