Find a Family Cord Blood Bank

Cell Care   compare bank:

Melbourne, Australia

Cell Care is Australia’s leading family cord bank and has been collecting, processing, storing and retrieving cord stem cells for almost 10 years. It has successfully released samples for both autologous (the child’s own) and directed allogeneic (sibling) treatments. Cell Care is the only bank in Australia to offer cord tissue banking.

Cryosite   compare bank:

Granville, Australia

Cryosite is Australia’s leading family cord blood bank. Cryosite was the first private cord blood bank in Australia in 2002, the first to be fully licensed by the TGA for using their own laboratory, and finally the first to be fully licensed to privately store cord blood for all children in the family. Cryosite is the only cord blood laboratory in Australia that processes their client's cord blood in clean rooms. Cryosite is publicly traded on the ASX (code CTE).

StemLife   compare bank:

Brisbane, Australia

StemLife is a privately owned Australian company, operating their own laboratory under a TGA license.