Find a Family Cord Blood Bank

Netcells - Kenya   compare bank:

Nairobi, Kenya

Netcells Cryogenics is Africa's largest stem cell laboratory and cryogenic facility. They are privately owned and debt-free, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, and accredited by AABB.  Their representative in Kenya is Salina Gheewala, Bachelor of Science (Government and Politics), Master of Philosophy (International Relations).

Cells4Life - Kenya   compare bank:

Nairobi, Kenya

Asterisk Limited is the local affiliate of Cells4Life in the UK. Cells4Life is the only bank in the world to store whole cord blood and cord tissue.   We capture more stem cell types than anyone else; those currently known and even those that may yet be discovered.  We are also the only UK company whose laboratory is open 24/7, 365 days per year.

Future Health - Kenya   compare bank:

Mombasa, Kenya

Future Health was the UK's first fully accredited private Human Tissue Bank and is licensed to transport biological samples around the world and to store cells and tissues for use by either the donor, the donor's family, or an unrelated person.  Future Health serves multiple nations and their website is available in multiple languages.