Find a Family Cord Blood Bank

LifeCell   compare bank:

Chennai , India

LifeCell is India's first and largest stem cell bank and was formed with technology licensed from Cryo-Cell International. LifeCell operates with state-of-the-art laboratories at Chennai & Gurgaon and is spread over 100 centers in the country and footprints in GCC countries. LifeCell is also the most recommended stem cell bank by gynecologists. We hold accreditations from various national and international organizations for standards. LifeCell is also the only player in the Indian stem cell banking industry to provide comprehensive stem cell solutions including cord blood banking, cord tissue stem cell banking, menstrual blood stem cell banking, R&D and point-of-care stem cell therapy solutions for orthopedic, vascular and cardiovascular specialties.

Cordlife India   compare bank:

Kolkata, India

Cordlife Sciences India Pvt. Limited is a member of the Cordlife Group Limited family of companies. Cordlife India is accredited by AABB and operates the most advanced cord blood laboratory in India.

Babycell   compare bank:

Mumbai, India

Babycell is a leading Umbilical Cord Blood and Cord Tissue Stem Cell Bank located in India. Babycell's collection, processing and storage procedures maintain the best standards in the industry with internationally acclaimed accreditations. Our motto is "The Life Saving Cord Blood Bank"

Cryo Stemcell   compare bank:

Bangalore, India

Cryo Stemcell Karnataka Pvt Ltd is India's first family cord blood bank, established in May 2003.

Cryo-Save India   compare bank:

Bangalore, India

On 31 Oct. 2013 the local management of Cryo-Save (India) Private Limited completed a buyout of the company from its parent Cryo-Save Group N.V. in Europe.

Cryobanks India   compare bank:

Gurgaon (Haryana), India

Cryobanks India has licensed technology from the original Cryobanks International in the USA, now known as Lifeforce Cryobanks. Cryobanks India has their own laboratory in India and an extensive network of marketing offices.

International Stemcell Services Ltd. (ISSL)   compare bank:

Bangalore, India

International Stemcell Services Ltd. (ISSL) is India’s Premier Knowledge Based Company to provide a full array of stem cell-based solutions.

NovaCord   compare bank:

Gurgaon, India

NovaCord is brought to you by Fortis Healthcare in collaboration with TotipotentRX, a U.S. based cellular therapy company. The combination of Fortis' clinical expertise and TotipotentRX's stem cell experience has resulted in the most advanced regenerative medicine clinical program in Asia.

ReeLabs   compare bank:

Mumbai, India

ReeLabs offers their "ReeCord" cord blood service only in the Mumbai area and guarantees to begin processing the cord blood within 6 HOURS of birth.  No other lab in India maintains this commitment to achieve the highest standards of cell viability while operating 24/7.

Reliance   compare bank:

Mumbai, India

Reliance Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. established the first cord blood repository in South East Asia and has always offered both public donation and family storage.  Reliance Life Sciences is active in medical, plant and industrial biotechnology.  They are a part of the Reliance Group of companies, a member of the Fortune Global 500.

StemCyte India   compare bank:

Ahmedabad, India

StemCyte India is the only cord blood bank in India having a ‘hybrid+ ‘ model that combines Private Banking, Public Banking, Advanced Therapeutics and Clinical trials. StemCyte India is a joint venture between StemCyte Inc., Apollo Hospital Enterprises Ltd., and Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd. StemCyte India began operations in 2010, and has delivered 40 cord blood therapies in the past 4 years.

StemPlus   compare bank:

Sangli, India

StemPlus Cryopreservation Pvt. Ltd. was founded with a commitment to make cord blood banking affordable for parents; without compromising the service and quality.