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Cleveland Cord Blood Center

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Bank Director: Philip Paul, PhD

Cleveland Cord Blood Center collects donations from 2 hospitals in the Cleveland area with NO advanced registration. The education process starts in OB offices so that an advanced consent can be obtained while the mother is under no distress.  If necessary, mothers in labor can give a pre-consent to collect the blood and a final consent to bank the blood after delivery.  The program operates 24/7, but the lab is not open on Sunday.

The Cleveland Cord Blood Center works with philanthropic foundations to raise funding for their public bank. Thanks to a grant from the Atlanta-based Katz Foundation, they have been able to collect cord blood at hospitals in Georgia.

Collection hospitals, each staffed with collection specialists, as of January 2016:

  1. Fairview Hospital, Cleveland, OH
  2. Hillcrest Hospital, Mayfield Heights, OH
  3. Piedmont Atlanta Hospital, Atlanta, GA
  4. Emory University Hospital Midtown, Atlanta, GA



Contact info

Address: 25001 Emery Road. Suite 150 Cleveland
Phone Numbers: