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Parent bank: Cells4Life

Cells4Life stores whole cord blood and cord tissue.  We are the only bank in the world to do this.  We capture more stem cell types than anyone else; those currently known and even those that may yet be discovered.  We are also the only UK company whose laboratory is open 24/7, 365 days per year.

Business Experience

Cells4Life was founded in 2002 and was the first private company to offer a stem cell storage and collection service in the UK.  Today, it stores more private UK samples than any other bank and at the start of 2014 had in excess of 75,000 samples in storage. 

•    Cells4Life has released whole cord blood samples to both the UK NHS and USA.
•    Cells4Life is the only UK company to offer both Whole Cord Blood or Volume Reduced processing methods
•    Cells4Life uses state-of-the-art technology to capture 20% more stem cells than any other UK cord blood bank
•    Cells4Life operates a 24/7 365 days per year laboratory
•    All UK samples are collected by a medical courier service
•    All samples are stored in 2 geographically separate locations to ensure maximum safety

Cells4Life office hours are between 08:00 and 18:00, Monday through Friday with Customer Service Representatives and Medical Advisors available by phone outside of normal operating hours, 24/7, 365 days per year.

Collection Kit

Each Cells4Life Cord Blood Collection Kit provides the necessary contents for the safe collection of umbilical cord blood.  Included within the tamper evident packaging, are pictorial instructions for the lawful collection of umbilical cord blood & tissue together with:

Cord Blood Procurement Kit:
•    Cord blood collection bag
•    Gauze swabs
•    Chlorhexidine swabs
•    Cord blood packaging
•    Auxillary blood collection items

Cord Tissue Collection Kit:
•    DGP PATHOSEAL 95 (inc. absorbant pad)
•    Cord collection pot
•    Sterile saline sachets
•    Forceps
•    Disposable scissors
•    Gauze swabs
•    Piece of tissue

Maternal Sample Kit:
•    Needle
•    Vial
•    Vacutainer

Personal Protective Equipment:
•    Gloves x 2
•    Apron

Transportation Container

All collection kits are validated to maintain room temperature under test conditions for the expected transportation period.  For international procurements, the collection kit includes specialised gel packs that allow the samples to be shipped worldwide at 2-80 degrees Celsius.

Shipping Info

Included in the base price, Cells4Life has a dedicated single purpose courier collection service that operates 24/7 365 days a year in the UK. For international procurements, specialist packaging is available to ensure that a procured sample remains at the correct temperature.

Processing Method

Cells4Life offers either storage of whole umbilical cord blood or storage of volume-reduced umbilical cord blood.  To determine the viability of the sample, Cells4Life uses a Personal Cell Analyser (PCA) that allows the examination of cord blood rather than isolated cells. The PCA uses a light beam to count the number of dead versus viable cells within the sample. This apparatus can determine with a high degree of accuracy the percentage viability and total number of nucleated cells (TNC) within the cord blood sample.

Components Stored

Parents are provided with a certificate describing test results (volume of blood stored, cell count, viability, cord blood and cord tissue sterility and maternal disease marker testing).

Storage Method

Cells4Life stores the majority of the umbilical cord blood sample in a cryogenic bags AND smaller subsections of the sample in cryogenic vials. Following initial processing, the sample undergoes a controlled rate freeze for 24 hours to -80 degrees Celsius and is then stored in vapour stage cryogenic nitrogen tanks at -180 degrees Celsius.

Licensing & Accreditation

Cells4Life is licensed by the Human Tissue Authority (HTA), license number 11083.

Clinical Experience

Cells4Life offers private umbilical cord blood and tissue storage and has released two whole cord blood samples to the UK NHS and to the USA for treatment.


Third party insurance.

Community Service

Cells4Life offers the following:
Multiple Birth discounts
Repeat customer discount
Refer a friend scheme

In addition Cells4life champions the awareness of cord blood – be that private storage or public donation through its Social Media:


Cells4Life offers the following services:

Platinum +Cord Service - £2245
Whole cord blood + cord tissue with 25 years storage

Platinum Service - £1895
Whole cord blood with 25 years storage

Gold Service +Cord Service - £2145
Volume reduced cord blood + cord tissue with 25 years storage

Gold Service - £1695
Volume reduced cord blood with 25 years storage

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Additional Services

Phlebotomy Service: £300
Tissue storage (see package prices)