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The [NAME] Cord Blood Bank is a public banking division of the Indianapolis-based stem cell research company, Cook General BioTechnology LLC, which also runs the family cord blood bank, Genesis Bank.  This public cord blood collection program began under the name Indiana Cord Blood Bank and evolved into the Midwest Cord Blood Bank.

Public collections began at the start of 2007 within the Clarian Hospital Network, one of the largest in the state.  Subsequently approval was obtained to accept donations from Hendricks Regional Hospital (2008) and St. Vincent's Women’s Hospital (2009).  Together, the Clarian and St. Vincent's Women’s Hospital account for almost 20,000 deliveries each year.  Cord blood transplants are performed at Riley Hospital for Children and Indiana University Hospital.

As of spring 2013, the [NAME] Cord Blood Bank collects from the following hospitals:
  1. Clarian North, Carmel, IN (transplants)
  2. Clarian West, Avon, IN (transplants)
  3. Clarian Arnett Hospital, Lafayette, IN (transplants)
  4. Hendricks Community Hospital, Danville, IN (transplants)
  5. Indiana University Hospital, Indianapolis, IN
  6. Methodist Hospital, Indianapolis, IN
  7. St. Vincent Women’s Hospital, Indianapolis, IN (transplants)

The [NAME] Cord Blood Bank will accept donations from anywhere in the state of Indiana, but due to medical regulations they cannot list units for transplant use unless they come from the hospitals with IRB (Institutional Review Board) approvals.  Units from other hospitals are stripped of donor identity and designated for research use only.  As of Sept 2009, over 1,500 cord blood units have been contributed to research activities that are working to improve overall health and fight a variety of blood and immune related diseases.