Community Regional Medical Center


The University of Colorado Cord Blood Bank (UCCBB) is operated by ClinImmune Labs, an academic-based biotechnology company located in the Bioscience Park Center of the Fitzsimons Campus in Aurora, Colorado. The University of Colorado Cord Blood Bank (UCCBB) belongs to the cohort of banks funded by HRSA to collect racially diverse donations for the national cord blood inventory.

ClinImmune was profiled in our July 2015 newsletter. In addition to cord blood banking, the parent company ClinImmune Labs provides high resolution HLA-DNA typing, hematopoietic stem cell and pancreatic islet cell processing, flow cytometry and regulatory oversight to the cord blood bank. The ClinImmune lab is also home to CariCord family cord blood bank.

ClinImmune/UCCBB public bank has consented over 40,000 women and banked over 10,000 cord blood units, of which more than 765 have been transplanted at 125 different transplant centers in the United States and abroad (as of Sept. 2015). 

As of Sept. 2015, these hospitals collect donations:

  1. Phoenix Baptist in Phoenix, AZ
  2. St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix, AZ
  3. Maricopa Medical Center in Phoenix, AZ
  4. Tucson Medical Center, Tucson, AZ
  5. Community Regional Medical Center, Fresno, CA

Cord blood collections from hospitals in Arizona are made through a program of the Arizona Biomedical Research Commission.  Collection hospitals in California are funded by the California Umbilical Cord Blood Collection Program (UCBCP).