US Cord Blood Donation Hospitals

non-NMDP Transplants: 
NMDP Transplants: 

Carolinas Cord Blood Bank :  

Durham, North Carolina

Carolinas Cord Blood Bank accepts MAIL-IN DONATIONS FROM NORTH CAROLINA ONLY. Eligible mothers must register by the 34th week of pregnancy and pass a health screening.  Call the CCBB Public Collection Kit program at 919-668-2071. 


Cedar Knolls, New Jersey

LifebankUSA and its parent, Celgene Cellular Therapeutics, seek mothers in NEW YORK & NEW JERSEY ONLY who will donate both their cord blood and their placenta. The donations support an international registry, clinical trials and research.  Donations can be taken from any hospital, but mothers must register at least 8 weeks prior to delivery and pass a health screening.

Lifeforce Cryobanks:  

Altamonte Springs , Florida

In 2003 Lifeforce Cryobanks became the first public bank to accept NATIONAL MAIL-IN DONATIONS, a practice that continues today.

MD Anderson Cord Blood Bank:  

Houston, Texas

M.D. Anderson hospital has the largest stem cell transplantation program in the world, and in April 2005 they established a public cord blood bank. Expectant mothers must register by the 34th week of pregnancy and pass a health screening.

Saneron CCEL:  

Tampa, Florida

This mail-in donation program does require advance registration, but it can take place after 35 weeks and almost up to the time of birth, so long as the application is processed in time.  The donated cord blood is used in animals for disease research.  Parents can earmark their cord blood to be used towards a particular Saneron CCEL research program that they wish to support.