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Parent Brochures

Our educational brochures are designed to give expectant parents a balanced education about both public donation and family storage of cord blood. The flags below show the countries and languages for which brochures are available. Click on the flag to view the brochure.

Printed brochures on cardstock are available for free to hospitals, clinics, childbirth classes, and any healthcare providers that help to deliver babies. We encourage caregivers to include our brochure in the pre-natal education packet that is given to each expectant mom. To order brochures, email Please include your shipping address, number you need per quarter, and in what languages (for example, US clinics might want all English, or 50/50 in English/Spanish). If you have a large practice, we can set up quarterly shipments.

Any corporation or organization that is a donor to this Foundation is eligible to print brochures with their logo in or next to the blank box on the back cover.

USA English
USA en Espanol
Canada English
French Canadian
Slovak Republic