Board of Directors

Kyle Cetrulo

Auxocell Laboratories Inc., Chief Executive Officer and co-Founder

Kyle Cetrulo has extensive experience in the stem cell industry. For the past fifteen years, he has worked for cord blood banks that were both domestic and international, operating as both public and private banks. Cetrulo has worked in many international markets, including Brazil, Venezuela, Greece, Peru, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Australia and Turkey. In 1998, Cetrulo became Director of the International Cord Blood Society (ICBS). During his tenure, he organized the 5th International Congress in 2002 and the 6th International Congress in 2004. These two congresses featured representatives from 23 countries. In 2006, Cetrulo served as the guest editor of an issue of the journal Stem Cell Reviews that focused on stem cells from the placenta and other pregnancy-related sources. In 2008, Cetrulo edited the book Perinatal Stem Cells, published by Wiley Press. A Second Edition of Perinatal Stem Cells came out in 2013. In 2008, Cetrulo founded the company Auxocell Laboratories Inc. (Auxocell), a leading stem cell therapeutic and regenerative medicine company located in Massachusetts. AuxoCell's primary research focus is to develop the enormous therapeutic potential of the primitive stem cells found in the Wharton's Jelly of the human umbilical cord. Today Cetrulo continues as CEO of Auxocell.  Cetrulo graduated from the University of San Francisco in 1998, where he majored in Communications.

Gayl Chrysler, MBA

STEMCELL Technologies, Dir. Biobanking Sales Strategy and Alliances

Gayl Rogers Chrysler has 30 years of leadership experience in strategic development and operational management of FDA regulatory-compliant businesses.  She started her medical career as a registered nurse working in blood apheresis.  Between 1982 and 2003 she worked for the North Central Blood Services of the American Red Cross. During her time at the Red Cross, she completed an MBA degree.  She increased the production capacity of the American Red Cross Apheresis Unit by 400% over a 3 year period, becoming one of the largest Apheresis Units in the U.S.  She also has worked in organ and tissue donation and has been an associate editor of the Journal of Transplant Coordination since 1991.  She created and implemented innovations to increase consented cadaver tissue donors by 300% over a one year period.  Chrysler helped create the Unrelated Bone Marrow Donor Program for the American Red Cross, a prototype for the National Marrow Donor Program.  Gayl Chrysler is best known in cord blood circles for her work as the National Director of Operations of the Cord Blood Program at the American Red Cross.  She transformed the American Red Cross Cord Blood Bank into a profitable financial operation and the fourth largest Cord Blood Bank in the U.S. after only 5 years of operations.  Chrysler joined BioE in 2006 as vice president of cellular technologies and clinical affairs.  There she was responsible for commercialization and global marketing of BioE's PrepaCyte cell separation technology. In 2012 Chrysler became the first Director of Biobanking Sales Strategy and Alliances for STEMCELL Technologies in Vancouver.

Ed Guindi, M.D.

CORD:USE, President

Dr. Edward Guindi received his Doctor of Medicine degree from Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit, Michigan.  In his medical practice he was one of Central Florida’s leading obstetricians, who delivered more than 3,000 babies, and was board-certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and a Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG). Dr. Guindi also has more than 15 years experience in the cord blood banking field. After a para-sailing accident caused injuries that prevented him from continuing to practice as an OB/GYN, he founded CORD:USE Cord Blood Bank in 2004.  At CORD:USE, he assembled a team of the world’s leading cord blood pioneers and experts in the field of cord blood banking and transplantation.  Since then, CORD:USE has become a reknowned cord blood bank, is accredited by the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT), and has been selected by HRSA of the U.S. Department of Health to help build the public National Cord Blood Inventory. CORD:USE also operates a family cord blood bank that uses the same advanced technologies and similar high quality procedures that are used in the CORD:USE public bank.  Dr. Guindi has given numerous talks about cord blood around the country, educating physicians, nurses, expectant parents, hospital administrators, politicians and the media.  He is a member of the National Marrow Donor Program Cord Blood Advisory Group.

Deborah Hernandez, MBA

Communispace, Director of Client Services

Deborah Hernandez has extensive expertise in medical marketing. She began her career as a nurse; after graduating from Vanderbilt University with a Bachelor of Science in nursing she worked as an oncology/bone marrow transplant nurse at the Children’s Hospital of Northern California. Hernandez later joined Abbott Laboratories, first in a clinical education role, then advancing into various sales, strategic, analytical and marketing roles. She then moved to TAP Pharmaceutical Products, Inc. where Hernandez held several positions including Senior Marketing Manager for AndroGel® and Group Marketing Manager for Prevacid® Consumer and Patient Initiatives. While there, Hernandez earned her MBA in Marketing with additional studies in operations and business strategy from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University. Next, Hernandez was at Biogen Idec, in Boston, as the Director of Neurology Consumer Marketing for MSActiveSource®, their service brand, Avonex®, and Tysabri®.  At the time that she joined our Board of Directors in 2007, Hernandez served as the Vice President of marketing for StemCyte, helping to launch the family banking services of a well-known public cord blood bank. Deborah Hernandez moved to PARTNERS + simons in summer 2008 as their Director of Professional Marketing. She then launched her own consulting firm in early 2010. From 2012 to 2013 Hernandez served as the Sr. Director of Marketing Communications and Public Relations for Children's Hospital of Boston. She is currently the Director of Client Services at Communispace.

Gail Moskowitz, M.D.

Consultant, Specializing in medical direction of blood and tissue banks

Dr. Moskowitz specializes in pathology and the medical leadership of blood banks.  She holds academic appointments as Lecturer in Pathology at Harvard Medical School and as Assistant Clinical Professor of Pathology at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine.  Dr. Moskowitz has held several posts directing blood banks throughout the New York area, including at the Bronx Veterans Affairs Medical Center, the New York Blood Center, and the Blood Bank and Hematology Laboratories at the Albany Medical Center.  She also served as Chairman of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at St. Vincent's Midtown Hospital in New York.  More recently, she has served as the medical director of cord blood banks, both private and public.  Dr. Moskowitz has provided healthcare consultant services in the fields of blood banking, cellular therapeutics, laboratory medicine, pharmaceutical, medical-legal and regulatory affairs, and medical informatics.  Dr. Moskowitz served on the AABB Cellular Therapies - Accreditation Program Unit.  She currently works for Merck.

Geralyn Ochab

Insception Cord Blood Program, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Geralyn Ochab has over 20 years of leadership experience in the medical device and healthcare industries. Her strengths include corporate strategy development, building high performance teams, and growing successful businesses. She has a proven track record in general management, sales, marketing and business development. Prior to joining the Insception Cord Blood Program, Geralyn Ochab held the position of National Sales and Marketing Manager - Emerging Markets Ultrasound for General Electric Healthcare Canada. She has held progressive career positions in both public and privately held medical technology companies.

Roberto Waddington, MBA

CordVida, Chief Executive Officer

Roberto Waddington holds an economics Degree from Universidade Candido Mendes, Brazil, with further education at INSEAD (France) and at the Wharton School (USA). He started his career at the Bank of Montreal as an Investment Analyst, then moved to Pepsico where he held positions in finance and general management. Subsequently, he held positions as CFO of publicly traded companies such as Globocabo Brasil and Arisco Foods. He then held CEO positions at InVent, an early stage private equity fund in Brazil, and at CBCC, the third largest business process outsourcing company in Brazil at the time. In 2005, Roberto Waddington became CEO and Managing Partner of CordVida, the second largest stem cell bank in Brazil. In 2014 he spearheaded the formation of Associação Brasileira de Bancos de Células Tronco (ABBCT), the Brazilian Association of Stem Cell Banks.

Jeremy Yee, MBA

Cordlife Group Limited, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Yee Pinh Jeremy has been an Executive Director of Cordlife Group Limited since January 2004 and was appointed the Chief Executive Officer in June 2011. Between 2002 and 2003, he was Director of Corporate Development and later Chief Operating Officer of the Company. He also served as the Chief Financial Officer of Cordlife Limited from 2004 to 2011. Cordlife Group Limited is a publicly traded company (Singapore Exchange: SGX) that owns five cord blood banks in Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines and India. As of August 2014, Cordlife holds a 17.79% interest in China Cord Blood Corporation (Nasdaq: CO), the top cord blood bank in China. Cordlife also owns over 30% of Stemlife Malaysia (Bursa Malaysia: STEM) and its sister bank THAI Stemlife. Mr. Yee obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from The University of Manchester in 1994 and holds a Master of Commerce received from the University of Sydney in 1996.  Mr. Yee achieved a Master of Business Administration degree from the Nanyang Technological University in 2011, where he won the 2011 Furama Ltd Endowed Book Prize Award. He then obtained another Master of Business Administration from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business in 2012.