Cryo-Cell International, Inc. (CCEL), one of the world’s largest and most established private family cord blood stem cell banks, was founded in 1989 and began to store cord blood in 1992. Cryo-Cell is engaged in cellular processing and cryogenic storage, with a core focus on the collection and preservation of umbilical cord (U-Cord®) blood stem cells for family use. Headquartered in Oldsmar, Florida, Cryo-Cell is FDA registered, cGMP- and  cGTP-compliant, accredited by both AABB and FACT, and ISO certified private cord blood bank. 

Bank Locations:

Cryo-Cell Pakistan (Karachi), Cryo-Cell de Chile (Santiago), Cryo-Cell de Colombia (Bogota), Cryo-Cell del Peru (Lima), Cryo-Cell de Venezuela (Caracas), Link Cell (Willemstad), Stem Cells Costa Rica (San Jose)

Business Experience

Cryo-Cell stores 240,000 cord blood specimens worldwide for the exclusive benefit of newborns and potentially for use by other family members.  Cord blood and other hematopoietic stem cells have successfully treated nearly 80 diseases and over 30,000 cord blood stem cell transplants have been performed to date (2014).  Researchers believe they may be utilized in the future to treat other currently non curable diseases.  As an industry pioneer, Cryo-Cell extensively educates the public on benefits of cord blood stem cell preservation.

Cryo-Cell also offers cord tissue storage. Along with cord blood banking, Cryo-Cell is pioneering the way in research, to find more solutions to preserve stem cells in a non-controversial way.

Collection Kit

Supplies are provided for gravity collection of cord blood into an FDA-approved, sterile collection bag.  The sterile collection bag from Pall is used; the bag may be used in the operating room during a C-Section.  The anti-coagulant is Citrate Phosphate Dextrose Solution (CPD).  The sterilization supplies are Povidone Iodine Swabsticks.

Transportation Container

Cryo-Cell provides a Seasonal kit during certain months of the year, and distributed to specific states, which contain ice bricks in an insulated cooler.  The Cryo-Cell shipping container is validated to maintain room temperature under test conditions for a certain number of hours.

Shipping Info:

•    Shipping arrangements are made by the bank: parents are to call the bank to let them know a cord blood collection is to be picked up. 
•    The contract price within the US includes standard shipping by FedEx.  When a Holidays may delay shipping, an alternate courier will be advised and not covered by the contract price.
•    For an additional fee of $150 (plus another $50 for Puerto Rico, Alaska, or Hawaii), courier shipping by AirNet is available to US clients.
•    Outside the US, shipping is included if Fed Ex International is used for non-affiliate clients.
•    Other couriers used internationally are: Fed Ex, AirNet, USA couriers, Quick International, World Courier.

Processing Method

Cryo-Cell's laboratory technologists separate stem cells from cord blood using the PrepaCyte® CB reagent method.  This method depletes up to 99% of the red blood cells and recovers the highest number of Colony-forming Units, which are the stem cells that are the best predictor of patient outcomes.

Components Stored

The final component of blood that is stored is the "buffy coat" containing white cells and stem cells.  Parents are provided with a certificate describing testing results.

Storage Method

Final storage is in multi-compartment cryo-bags.  The bags are encased in overwrap to keep them quarantined and placed in a freezer in the vapor phase of cryogenic nitrogen.

Licensing & Accreditation

•    FDA registered
•    cGMP- and  cGTP-compliant
•    Licensed in the states of CA, MD, NJ and NY
•    AABB accredited
•    FACT accredited
•    ISO certified

Clinical Experience

The transplant list of Cryo-Cell International is on-line:
•    Number of family cord blood collections released for therapy: 61
•    Number of those therapies where the baby used its own cord blood: 33


•    $50,000 Guarantee:  In the event a client's cord blood, which was processed and stored by Cryo-Cell, is used for transplant and fails to engraft, we will pay the Client $50,000.
•    $10,000 Cryo-Cell Cares payment program:  In order to help ease the financial burdens of certain transplant procedures, Cryo-Cell will provide clients $10,000 to cover associated costs of such therapies.

Community Service

Discounts for returning clients and medical professionals.


Annual Storage Plan
$1,924 – processing, testing and first year annual storage fee (1st year)
Annual Storage fee - $125

One-Time Storage Plan – 21 years of prepaid storage
$3,799 – 21 years of prepaid storage

Prices with Additional Services

Call for current promotions and discounts.
Payment Plans are available - Payments begin after we've completed testing, processing and storing the baby's cord blood stem cells. Plans include the initial fee and four years of annual storage fees. All payment plans are financed through a third-party financing company.