WellCare is a cord blood banking subsidiary of China Stem Cells Ltd.  In 2011, China Stem Cells established a state-of-the-art laboratory in the BenXi National Science and Technology Center that can provide stem cell services to hospitals in the Northern China Provinces.  China Stem Cells benefits from a strategic partnership with, and investment by, Cord Blood America Inc.

Labs and Locations

In 2011 China Stem Cells established a new state-of-the-art laboratory in the BenXi National Science and Technology Centerthat is located in China’s Liaoning Province and is part of the greater Shenyang area.

HongQi Road
Benxi Economic Development Zone
Liaoning CHINA 117005

Business Experience

The full title of the company is Well Care Stem Cell Biotech (Liaoning) Co. Ltd., and it is a subsidiary of China Stem Cells Ltd.  The management team of China Stem Cells includes partners from both the USA and China.  Chief USA partners are Matt Schissler, founder and CEO of Cord Blood America (CBAI), and Dr. Geoffrey O’Neill, a scientist with 30 years of experience including the prominent cord blood banks Cryo-Cell and CBAI.  Among the China partners are WellCare CEO Wang Weishi and GM Jia Jingqiao, both from AXM Pharma of Shenyang.

Collection Kit

WellCare uses a collection bag from SiChuan NanGeEr that is sterile both inside and out, making it possible to use it in the operating room for collection during a C-Section.

Shipping Info:

The standard price includes shipping, which is arranged by the bank.

Processing Method

WellCare has 2 processingoptions: stem cell separation by the reagent PrepaCyteCB from BioE, or automated processing by the AXP method from Thermogenesis.

Storage Method

Final storage is in blood bags, encased in overwrap, and placed into a BioArchive automated freezer from Thermogenesis.

Clinical Experience

WellCare plans to also collect cord blood donation and use them to supply clinical trials at hospitals in northeast China.


Clients of WellCare are covered by insurance payout of $25,000 if the cord blood is transplanted and fails to engraft.  If the cord blood is needed and cannot be used, the client will receive the closest match available in the public bank for free.

Community Service

WellCare offers discounts to medical doctors.


For cord blood storage, WellCare prices are $769 enrollment & processing fee + $92 annual storage fee.

Additional Services

WellCare also offers storage of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) separated from cord tissue.  For this services the prices are $1307 enrollment & processing fee + $123 annual storage fee.
WellCare plans to also offer storage of stem cells from adipose (fat) tissue.

Prices with Additional Services

For clients who purchase cord tissue storage, the cord blood storage is included for FREE.