StemLife was the first private cord blood bank in Malaysia, founded in Dec. 2001 and listed since 2006 on the MESDAQ board of the Malaysia Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol STEMLFE.  StemLife also offers storage of adult stem cells and has numerous relationships with hospitals, specialty therapeutic centers, or research & development centers.

Labs and Locations

StemLife Berhad – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Business Experience

-StemLife Berhad, Malaysia: operated own lab since 2001
-Collected over 45,000 cord blood units
-Collected over 500 PBSC units.
-Assisted over 385 transplants/infusions – cord blood and PBSC.

StemLife is a founding member of the Asia Pacific Cord Blood Bank Consortium.
On 3 Sept. 2013, the CordLife Group of Singapore acquired a 20% stake in StemLife after buying most of the shares owned by StemLife's co-founders.

Collection Kit

-Supplies provided for gravity collection into a Terumo blood bag
-Anticoagulant: 35ml CPDA
-Collection bag is double wrapped and sterile
-Cord disinfection using Povidone Iodine swabstick

Transportation Container

-Cord Blood Units are transported in IATA compliant Pathopaks
-StemCool bags with gel packs validated to maintain ambient temperatures
-Temperature logger used to monitor conditions

Shipping Info:

-Pick-up at hospitals: round the clock by StemLife Logistics team.
-Shipping: undertaken round the clock by StemLife Logistics team.
-Shipping from hospital to the lab is included in the base price within Malaysia, cost extra from outside Malaysia.

Processing Method

-Thermogenesis AXP automated and trademarked Cell Separation System

Components Stored

-20 ml Buffy Coat
-2 x 2ml maternal blood serum
-2 x 2ml cord blood plasma
-Parents are provided with lab report describing:
-Cord blood: volume, total nucleated cell count, CD34 count, CD34 viability, ABO typing, sterility and infectious disease status
-Mothers blood: infectious disease status.

Storage Method

-Final storage in Thermogenesis/Pall 25ml multicompartment cryobag
-Wrapped in Thermogenesis overwrap bag
-Units are stored for long term in Chart-MVE1500 series tanks under vapour phase.

Licensing & Accreditation

-Cord Blood & peripheral blood stem cells (PBSC) Licensed by Ministry of Health Malaysia under the PHFS Act 1998.
-ISO 9001:2008 certified - UKAS (all branch offices) & COFRAC (all branch offices)
-ISO 15189:2007 accredited – medical lab testing
-Participation in College of American Pathologists USA program since 2003
-Participation in Royal College of Pathology Australasia program since 2012
-Cleanroom class 1000 certified by Nextech a NEBB-USA certified company.

Clinical Experience

To date, StemLife has released 11 cord blood units stored in Malaysia for patient therapy: 6 released for sibling transplants & 5 released for self-therapy.
Also, over 372 stem cell units collected from peripheral blood were processed for patient transplants.


-Storage fees paid in advance are refundable on termination of account.
-Future cord blood storage fees are waived upon death of a parent.
-Cash guarantees (terms & conditions apply):
     -RM25,000 plus PBSC services for loss during transportation.
     -RM100,000 for non-viability of cells upon withdrawal for transplant.

Community Service

-Payout of RM100,000 for transplant hospitalization cost & obtaining a matched cord blood unit (terms & conditions apply).


-Total initial cord blood cost: enrollment + courier + processing + 1st year storage fee = RM2,500.
-Annual storage fee: RM250.
-Discounts are given for pre-paid annual storage fees.
-Bank easy payment plans are available.
-PBSC fees start from as low as RM12,000. 24 month credit card easy payment with 0% interest plan is available.

Additional Services

-Genetic Testing and Screening services:

a)    MyGenes testing.
-    Health Conditions Insight
-    Carrier Status / Risk to Offspring
-    Drug Responses and Adverse Reactions

b)    Nutricheckup testing.
-    Response to Diet, Nutrition and Exercise