StemCyte is a global cord blood therapeutics company, founded in 1992, and has extensive experience as a public cord blood bank providing transplants with cord blood from unrelated donors. Very few family cord blood banks have provided cord blood for large numbers of transplant patients. By contrast, StemCyte has supplied cord blood units for over 1900 transplants, and this number grows higher every day.  StemCyte's transplant experience supersedes all other private family cord blood banks combined.

Labs and Locations

StemCyte is a privately held corporation that independently owns and operates three cord blood banks, each facility having a laboratory and repository. Their locations are the United States, Taiwan and India. StemCyte is the only company accredited by FACT for both public (allogenic) and private (autologous) cord blood banking. StemCyte is a member bank of the national Marrow Donor Program (NMDP).

Business Experience

Stemcyte opened their first laboratory in California in 1992 and operated as a public cord blood bank. StemCyte currently has one of the world's largest and most ethnically diverse, high quality, HLA typed inventory of donated cord blood units. They are listed on the NMDP's Cord Link registry and available for immediate shipment anywhere in the world.

Since inception, StemCyte has shipped in excess of 1900 cord blood units to transplant physicians in 68 countries, around the globe.

StemCyte began collecting cord blood for family storage and use in 2004. StemCyte uses the same stringent laboratory procedures to process family cord blood units as we do for public, insuring that our clients have the same high quality cord blood unit as a publicly banked unit. StemCyte has specialists available to answer questions 7 days a week, M-F from 6AM-7PM PST and from 9AM-5PM Sat. & Sun.

Collection Kit

Supplies are provided for gravity collection into a completely sterile, privately labeled bag, unique to StemCyte and manufactured by Pall Medical. The anti-coagulant is CPD. ChloraPrep is used for disinfection of the collection site. StemCyte uses a safer and easy to use butterfly needle for maternal cord blood collections.

Transportation Container

To protect the cord blood, our container has both gel packs and the industry's best thermal insulation which has been validated to maintain room temperature under test conditions. Our container is guaranteed to maintain the cord blood at room temperature during transport, for 24 hours.

Shipping Info:

Normal shipping of cord blood collection kits to parents is included in the standard cost. Last minute, overnight, kit shipping is an extra $50. After the cord blood is collected, the parents call a toll free number to summon the medical courier Midnite Express (MNX). This courier service is included in the standard cost. The courier is available to pick up the cord blood 24/7, including weekends and holidays, and expedite it to the laboratory. At selected hospitals, employees of the bank pick up the cord blood collections. The courier service to the US lab only costs extra if the baby is born outside the US.

Processing Method

StemCyte processes family cord blood units with the plasma depletion method, performed either by manually by laboratory technicians or with automated Sepax equipment.

Components Stored

Parents are provided with a certificate describing test results, including TNC and CD34+ counts. Parents can choose to have the cord blood HLA typed before freezing for an additional charge of $295. Families will soon have access to information about their cord blood unit in an online portal.

Storage Method

Final cord blood storage is in blood bags, with an overwrap in the storage container. Prior to long-term storage, cord blood is temporarily stored in a quarantine freezer. Once all test results are reviewed, the cord blood is then moved to a long term freezer. The freezers use cryogenic nitrogen in the vapor phase.

Licensing & Accreditation

- Licensed by USA FDA
- Licensed to operate in all states within the USA (includes NY, NJ, MD, CA)
- Accredited by AABB, FACT, FDA GMP, ASHI

Clinical Experience

- StemCyte has released over 1900 HLA matched cord blood units, world-wide, for transplants. (This does not include cord blood units released for research.)
- StemCyte participates in clinical trials using cord blood and has partnerships with clinics offering regenerative medical therapies using cord blood.


StemCyte Lifesaver Guarantee:
1. If the cord blood stem cells do not engraft upon transplantation, you will be refunded all service fees paid to StemCyte and an additional $50,000.
2. Next, we will search the StemCyte donor bank and provide an alternative cord blood unit if one is available at a 4/6 HLA match or higher for transplant.
3. If your baby's cord blood unit is damaged during processing or storage, and if your child or immediate family member needs a stem cell transplant, we have the ability to search our donor bank and provide you with an alternative cord blood unit, if one is available at a 4/6 HLA match or higher.

This unprecedented guarantee is made possible by our unsurpassed collection and storage process as well as our exclusive access to our public donor cord blood bank. This reflects our commitment to our customers while helping transplant physicians save lives.

Community Service

- Stemcyte collects publicly donated cord blood from donors at no charge to the donor.
- Free cord blood banking is provided to families where a sibling has a diagnosis for which transplantation is standard therapy (Sibling Donor Program).
- Discounts are available for active & retired military personnel.
- Discounts to public servants (Police, Fire, EMT).
- Discounts to medical professionals.


Total initial cost of enrollment:
- Shipping & courier fees + cord blood processing + 1st year storage fee = $1395
- Annual storage fee is $125 starting 2nd year
- Discounts for pre-paid annual storage
- No Interest/No Credit Check payment plans are available for terms up to 18 months
- Website has an easy-to-use payment calculator for cord blood banking and storage

Additional Services

- StemCyte offers their "MaxCell" process in which red blood cells are not removed, which is less than standard processing, for $200 more.
- StemCyte also offers storage of the Cord Lining, which is not the same as Cord Tissue, but does contain the same type of stem cells called MSC.
- HLA typing is available for an additional $295