StellaCure is a family cord blood banking service provided by the German version of the Red Cross, DRK (Deutsches Rotes Kreuz).

Labs and Locations

StellaCure operates from the same laboratory that the DRK uses to process cord blood donations for a German public cord blood bank.

DRK Blutspendedienst Baden - Württemberg - Hessen
Sandhofstr. 1
60528 Frankfurt am Main

Business Experience

Stellacure also markets cord blood banking in Spain via Vidapluscm and in Italy via Vitafutura. 

In March 2010 the USA company Cord Blood America Inc. (Nasdaq OTCBB:CBAI) acquired a 51% stake in Stellacure GmbH. However, in Oct. 2012 they sold this stake at a steep discount.  Their stake and other shareholders, with the exception of DRK, were bought out by Medivision mbH, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. In Jan. 2014, the German cord blood bank Vita34 International took over 75.24% stake in Stellacure, further consolidating their dominance of the German market.