Salveo Biotechnology, operational structure of Salveo Holding, is a Swiss private laboratory specialized in stem cells cryopreservation and cell culture. Created in 2011, it is also a high-tech platform made up of experts in the service of regenerative medicine.

Labs and Locations

Salveo laboratory is located at their headquarters:
Salveo Biotechnology S.A.
Chemin des Aulx, 12
1228 Plan-les-Ouates
Geneva – Switzerland

Business Experience

Salveo has staff ready to accept telephone inquiries from multiple countries:
Switzerland: +41 848 26 26 26
Romania: +40 318 103 701
Austria: 0800 802 152
Belgium: 0800 262 72
France: 0800 900 996
Germany: 0800 183 0885
Italy: 800 788 660
Luxembourg: 800 8 0928
Portugal: 800-180-110
Russia: 8-800-100-9435
Spain: 900 838 023
UK: 0808 189 0360
Ukraine: 0800 50 19 95

Collection Kit

Salveo provides supplies for gravity collection into a blood bag.
The anti-coagulant used is CPD.

Transportation Container

Salveo shipping kit has gel packs for thermal insulation and contains a temperature logger.

Shipping Info:

Shipping is included in the contract price within Switzerland, costs extra from outside.
Shipping arrangements are made by the bank.
Employees of the bank pick up the blood from selected hospitals in Switzerland.
Shipping is contracted to a courier service specialized in shipping of biological material.

Processing Method

Salveo uses the state of the art automated Sepax processing system from the Swiss company Biosafe.  The processing kit is a single-use, closed system, to prevent contamination and ensure sterility of the sample.

Components Stored

Salveo stores the buffy coat that holds white cells and stem cells, plus testing portions.
Parents are provided with a certificate describing test results.

Storage Method

Salveo freezer uses the vapor phase of cryogenic nitrogen

Licensing & Accreditation

Licensed by Federal Office of Public Health (Switzerland)
Accredited by Swissmedic, ISO 9001 and WHO GMP


Salveo guarantees their services with a client insurance policy that covers engraftment of the stem cells. In the event of a transplant or other stem cell therapy, the client family will receive a monetary amount.

Community Service

Salveo offers free banking to families where an immediate relative has a diagnosis for which transplantation is standard therapy. Medical doctors are eligible for discounted services.


Initial enrollment cost 300€ for collection kit, free second kit for twins.
Total first year cost of enrollment + courier + cord blood processing is 1440 € if paid directly.
Storage for 20 years is included.
Payment plans available upon request for 1, 2, 3, or 4 years.

Additional Services

Salveo also provides storage of umbilical cord tissue, aka Wharton's Jelly.