PacifiCord is a member of the HealthBanks Biotech Group, a network of cord blood banks across Asia and the US that is headquartered in Taiwan. The HealthBanks Group has over 12 years of cord blood banking experience.

Labs and Locations

PacifiCord USA laboratory is located at the company headquarters:
185 Technology Drive, Suite 150, Irvine CA 92618

The parent company HealthBanks Biotech Group is the one of the most established Asian cord blood banks, with headquarters in Taiwan and sibling branches in Hong Kong (HealthBaby), Macau (HealthBaby), Thailand (Thai HealthBaby), and the USA (PacifiCord). Apart from the global network, the Group has over 12 years of cord blood banking experience and has attained the most international accreditations (include FACT, CAP, AABB, HOKLAS, ISO etc.). HealthBanks operates a public bank accepting cord blood donations in Taiwan that is a member of the USA National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP or Be The Match).

Business Experience

PacifiCord, in association with five additional cord blood locations and three research and development subsidiaries worldwide, is a member of the HealthBanks Biotech family of companies, which for over 22 years has been a leader in pharmaceuticals, stem cell therapy and research. The founder of PacifiCord is H.K. Chang. Prior to cord blood banking, he was a founder of Purzer Pharmaceutical Company Limited.

PacifiCord, located in Irvine, California is one of the few family cord blood banks to adopt the same state-of-the-art technologies as the New York Blood Center public bank, including the use of the FDA cleared AXP AutoXpress™ system for optimal cord blood processing, and the BioArchive® for undisturbed, long-term cord blood stem cell cryopreservation.  PacifiCord uses the unique robotic storage and retrieval system (the BioArchive) specifically created for the storage of stem cells as used by over 36 countries, 109 institutions and over 60% of public cord blood banks worldwide.  The HealthBanks Biotech family has over 70,000 units stored at its facilities throughout the world.

Collection Kit

    - Gravity Collection Bag
    - FDA approved, Sterile Pall Collection Bag
    - Special disinfection supplies: Sterile Cord Clamps, Sterile 4x4 Gauze, PVP Swab Sticks, Alcohol Wipes
    - Citrate Phosphate Dextrose (CPD) anti-coagulant
    - Collection Kit is Sterile for C-Sections and Vaginal Births

Transportation Container

Collection Kit includes gel packs and customized insulated pouch to maintain temperature of cord blood stem cells after collection and prior to cell processing

Shipping Info:

    - Shipping arrangements are made by the parents
    - Contract price includes courier fee
    - Transport of the Collection Kit is arranged by PacifiCord’s own trained and HIPPA certified Couriers if residents reside within Southern California. All other transportation is arranged through Quick International Courier
    - The courier is available on weekends and holidays
    - Shipping is included in the base price if parents reside within the USA

Processing Method

FDA Cleared, Automated AXP AutoXpress™ precise cell separation

Components Stored

1. Parents are provided with a 50K Guarantee
2. Personalized Certificate of Storage
3. Comprehensive Cord Blood Unit Report including:
     - Date/Time of stem cell storage
     - The location of the stem cells within the BioArchive (CB unit’s own special address)
     - The Cord Blood Unit Identifier (USBT code: International standard, that allows any bank in the world to identify that the unit belongs to that baby and that it has come from PacifiCord)

Storage Method

- Final storage is in a dual-compartment molded bag that is hermetically sealed in another overwrap freezing bag, specifically designed for the most secure, accurate and uniform freezing of each sample, quarantined for future stem cell expansion applications. - The BioArchive technology eliminates the step required by some other systems that require temporary storage in a quarantine freezer, before moving to a long term freezer. - Cord blood stem cell units are fully submerged in 100% liquid nitrogen and remain undisturbed until needed. - Freezer uses only liquid nitrogen, not vapor.

Licensing & Accreditation

    - FDA Inspected
    - Licensed to operate in USA (NY, CA)
    - AABB Accredited
    - Member of the Better Business Bureau 

Clinical Experience

    - The HealthBanks family of companies have released cord blood collections for therapies throughout the world, including for unrelated transplants (Allogenic), family transplants (Direct Allogenic) and back to the child who banked (Autogolous therapies).
    - PacifiCord’s parent company, HealthBanks, also collects cord blood donations for public use.
    - In conjunction with the HealthBanks Biotech family, PacifiCord has invested millions of dollars in research and development projects, including working with affiliate research centers using cord blood stem cells:

Research and Development:

    - University of Kansas Medical Center. Vaccine development for HIV
    - Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute. Treatments for neurodegeneration, including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, and ALS.
    - Johns Hopkins University, Taiwan University. Vaccine development for HPV, HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and Avian influenza.
    - Taipei Veterans General Hospital. Research for neurological, cardiovascular and bone regeneration, including tissue and organ repair.
    - UCLA, National Taiwan University, Taipei Medical University, Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute, Cell Stem Biotech Inc. Breakthroughs in cell expansion. Research for treatments for diseases, disorders and injuries such as those affected by spinal cord injuries.


Client is covered by a $50K Quality Product Guarantee

Community Service

    - Free Prenatal Classes led by certified educators (sign up at
    - On-line Gift Registry (available at
    - Discounts for Military personnel
    - Discounts for Select Medical Professionals
    - Discounts for Twins, Triplets
    - Discounts for Returning Clients
    - Discounts for Firefighters, Law Enforcement


First Year Plan: Enrollment + courier + processing + 1st storage fee = $2300 (Original price in contract: $2800)

18 Year Plan: Enrollment + courier + processing + 18 Year storage fee = $4250 (Original price: $5000 based on $150/yr annual storage fee)

Annual storage fee: $150

Payment plans available upon request. Storage fee included within 18 year storage plan. 1st year storage plan includes one year storage.