NuvaCord Network


NuvaCord is a hospital-based cord blood broker:  Parents who are delivering at a participating hospital have the choice between family cord blood banks that participate with NuvaCord.  At present the participating family banks are Community Blood Services and CorCell.

Labs and Locations

NuvaCord sub-contracts laboratory services.

Business Experience

NuvaCord has been involved in cord blood banking since 2009, and our system was brought online January 1, 2011.

Collection Kit

Collection Kit provided by Centurion Scientific is sterile inside and out and includes:
1-250mL Fenwal blood bag with Anticoagulant
1-blue ITL needle guard
1-sterile C-section adapter kit
4-umbilical cord clamps
2-Kendall Webcol Alcohol Prep wipes
2-Triad Povidone Iodine Swabsticks (1's)
1-Dukal sterile Gauze Sponges pack (2/pouch)
1-absorbant towel
2-biohazard specimen bags
3-6.0mL purple top tubes

Transportation Container

Styrene lined cardboard box.

Shipping Info:

Shipping arrangements are provided by Network Global Logistics.
Kits are shipped directly to the hospital.
Collection includes 24/7 shipping.

Processing Method

  • Community Blood Services handles all private cord blood units the same way, but each bank which stores at their lab has a separate freezer.
  • The Community Blood Services processing method (as of 1 Sept 2007) is the Sepax system from the Swiss company Biosafe.
  • Sepax is an automated cell separation system which relies on a laser beam to sense the density gradient between different cell layers after the blood has been spun in a centrifuge.  The bag kit is sterile, functionally closed, and single-use. 
  • The Sepax processing system has BLA licensure from the FDA.  This means that it is classified as a drug, instead of a medical device, because the bag already contains anti-coagulant instead of having to add it later.

Components Stored

Components are stored at Community Blood Services in Allendale, NJ.

Storage Method

Gas liquid nitrogen tanks.

Licensing & Accreditation

NuvaCord can accept collections from any hospital within the 46 states that do not require additional licensing beyond the FDA registration.  They are working on approval in CA, MD, NJ and NY.  The Community Blood Services laboratory is accredited by AABB and is also a public cord blood bank that participates in the NMDP network.

Clinical Experience

NuvaCord collects cord blood for Family Banking, Transplant Donation, and Research Donation.


We offer a price match guarantee, as well as a full refund in the event of an unsuccessful collection.

Community Service

Collection will be offered at no cost if used immediately for transfusion.


$1500.00 per collection
Bulk storage discount.
Payment plans and flexible payment options available upon request.

Additional Services

Not applicable at present.

Prices with Additional Services

If retrieval is required before completion of storage term the unused portion of storage can be used to apply toward retrieval cost.