NeoStem Family Storage LLC is a cord blood banking subsidiary of NeoStem Inc., a publicly traded company (NYSE-Amex: NBS) that began as a leading provider of stem cell banking for adults.  In Jan. 2011 NeoStem acquired Progenitor Cell Therapy LLC, an established cord blood bank that previously offered its services through hospitals under the name DomaniCell.

Labs and Locations

NeoStem Family Storage, LLC (formerly DomaniCell) is based in their state-of-the-art stem cell therapy laboratory, Progenitor Cell Therapy, a NeoStem Company.  The lab has FACT accreditation for cellular therapy products, AABB accreditation for cord blood banking, and follows cGMP (ie: current GMP) standards, which are above FDA requirements for cord blood processing.

Business Experience

Starting with the founding of Progenitor Cell Therapy in 1997, the laboratory of NeoStem Family Storage (formerly DomaniCell) has served over 100 clients as a contract laboratory manufacturing cellular products for clinical trials.  In 2010 they opened a new 30,000 square foot laboratory in Allendale NJ that hosts multiple fully independent clean rooms operating to cGMP standards.  As of July 2011, the laboratory has performed over 32,000 cell therapy procedures in over 6,000 patients.  The inventory of cord blood collections is 12,000 and 108 cord blood units have been released for transplants.

Collection Kit

NeoStem has a quality cord blood collection kit that is inspected and released prior to shipment by internal Quality Control staff.  The cord blood collection kit includes a Fenwal bag with CPD anticoagulant.  The cord blood collection bag is sterile thus allowing for in-utero collections, including C-Sections.  

Transportation Container

The collection box is used as the cord blood transport container.  Our Specialized Medical Courier AirNet provides temperature control at room temperatures for safe and efficient delivery of all Cord Blood Units.

Shipping Info:

Parents notify NeoStem via the 888-STEMBANK line for Cord Blood pickups.  NeoStem arranges for Specialized Medical Courier via AirNet to pick up the Cord Blood from the parents and deliver the Cord Blood to NeoStem for processing.  Services are offered 365 days per year.

Processing Method

Manual cell separation by Sedimentation & Spin

Components Stored

The final storage is the "buffy coat" of the blood that holds white cells and stem cells.  Parents are provided with a certificate describing test results.

Storage Method

The final stem cell specimen is stored in blood bags, and vials are used for ancillary samples.  The storage container is encased in over wrap.

Licensing & Accreditation

The cord blood processing laboratory of NeoStem Family Storage (formerly DomaniCell) is accredited by AABB and ISO, and is compliant with cGMP standards.  NeoStem is licensed in all 4 states with cord blood licensing requirements: CA, MD, NJ and NY.

Clinical Experience

NeoStem clients have access to staff around the clock via our 888-STEMBANK line.  As of July 2011, the inventory of cord blood collections is 12,000 and 108 cord blood units have been released for transplants.


Not applicable.

Community Service

  • Discounts for Early Enrollments.
  • Discounts for Pre-Paid Fees.
  • Discounts for Return Customers.
  • Discounts for Military Personnel.
  • Discounts to Medical Professionals.
  • Discounts for Multiple Births.
  • Support to the Stem for Life Foundation.


The current pricing for NeoStem Family Storage:
Enrollment, collection, and processing*        $1950**
Medical Courier (AirNet)                              $ 150
First year of storage                                   $ 125
Total                                                         $2225

* There is a $150.00 non-refundable administration fee at time of enrollment.
** Discount options can be found by speaking with a NeoStem Sales representative.  NeoStem also offers various interest free financing options.

Additional Services

NeoStem, Inc. offers Adult Stem Cell Collection and Storage for future use at 11 specialized NeoStem collection centers throughout the United States.