Headquartered in Chicago, MiracleCord is dedicated to providing private cord blood and cord tissue banking services at the most affordable price possible, while never compromising the high level of service provided. MiracleCord offers an experienced lab, secure courier service, TimeCritical processing, optimized cord tissue banking, and a Quality Guarantee.

Labs and Locations

MiracleCord uses the laboratory of an Indianapolis company founded in 1997 by a group of medical scientists. MiracleCord's state-of-the-art laboratory remains on the forefront of stem cell research and technology. The lab is AABB accredited, FDA registered and CLIA certified.  The MiracleCord lab receives and processes cord blood 24/7/365, giving MiracleCord the ability to process cord blood with TimeCritical Processing. All specimens are protected in a high-security facility with multi-layer temperature monitoring and manifold emergency power sources, including redundant battery and generator back-up systems.

Business Experience

MiracleCord’s laboratory was founded in 1997 with a mission to provide parents with access to cutting-edge techniques for cryopreservation, enhanced cell culture, and tissue engineering, all from a practical perspective.  In 2011 the lab expanded with the installation of a Praxair 9,000 gallon liquid nitrogen tank designed to allow expansion of the storage facility to accomodate nearly 200,000 cord blood storage collections.  The new nitrogen storage capacity and internal piping system is now one of the largest in the country.

Collection Kit

All of the components necessary for the collection and transport of cord blood is included in MiracleCord’s StemCare® cord blood collection kit, along with detailed collection instructions.  MiracleCord’s StemCare® collection kit is completely heparin-free. MiracleCord only uses Citrate Phosphate Dextrose (CPD), which is the safest, most effective anticoagulant used in the industry today. CPD acts as a cell preservative, as well as an anticoagulant, without the introduction of the harmful effects of heparin to the cord blood specimens.

Transportation Container

Cord blood and cord tissue contain delicate stem cells that are highly vulnerable to changes in temperature. Failure to maintain a consistent room temperature between collection and processing can result in a significant loss of stem cell viability.  MiracleCord's exclusive StemCare® thermal collection kit was designed to protect cord blood and cord tissue from fluctuations in ambient temperature. The exclusive StemCare® technology meets the stringent material and performance requirements for the transport of clinical specimens.

Shipping Info:

MiracleCord's private medical courier service ensures the fastest delivery of cord blood and cord tissue to our lab. This exclusive service is included with every plan at no additional cost. Each cord blood and cord tissue specimen is carefully transported in a temperature-controlled environment, by professionals trained to handle human tissue.  MiracleCord's "non-hybrid" private medical courier service never outsources shipping or delivery of specimens to commercial shipping carriers. Many other cord blood banks utilize a “hybrid” medical courier service, which transfers custody of their specimens to a commercial shipping carrier, such as FedEx® or UPS®.  Commercial shipping carriers are not temperature-controlled and could delay cord blood processing by 48 hours or more. Both factors may result in a significant loss of stem cell

Processing Method

More stem cells equals a higher rate of transplant survival.

Transplant success and survival can be directly attributed to the number of stem cells used in the procedure. This is why MiracleCord uses a high-efficiency, completely closed, 100% sterile processing method that has set the standard for both the quality and quantity of recovered stem cells. MiracleCord's method of volume reduction maximizes the depletion of red cells, while significantly increasing the number of stem cells recovered.

Components Stored

MiracleCord stores all cord blood specimens in a dual-compartmented bag with three integral segments attached to the closed system transfer set. The three integral segments are used for any potential future testing that may be required, including HLA typing if the unit is to be used for someone other than the birth child. After processing, MiracleCord provides families with a Certificate of Storage and a comprehensive lab report documenting the details of the cord blood unit.

Storage Method

MiracleCord stores cord blood samples in large vacuum walled tanks called dewars, specifically designed for long-term cryogenic storage. All MiracleCord specimens are stored in the vapor phase of cryogenic nitrogen, which protects cord blood and cord tissue from the possibility of cross-contamination from other units. The storage tanks are maintained at -196 degrees Celsius, and they are supplied by an on-site 9,000-gallon bulk liquid nitrogen tank.  MiracleCord's storage tanks are protected in a high-security facility with multi-layer temperature monitoring, which is tied into the building's central security system.

Licensing & Accreditation

MiracleCord’s laboratory holds the following designations:
• AABB Accreditation
• FDA Registration
• CLIA Certification
• Rated A+ by the BBB
• Additional Licensing by MD, IL, NJ & NY

Clinical Experience

The Chief Medical Director of MiracleCord’s lab, W. Scott Goebel, M.D., is among the most respected pediatric oncologists and cryobiologists in the country. His research has included the treatment of genetic disorders by transplantation of gene-corrected hematopoietic stem cells, and he has personally performed over 40 cord blood transplants in pediatric patients.


• MiracleCord provides a $50,000 Quality Guarantee on the viability of their clients' cord blood stem cells. If a cord blood unit is used in a stem cell transplant and the cells fail to engraft, MiracleCord will pay $50,000 towards the cost of procurement of an alternative stem cell source. (See the company’s Client Agreement for details.)
• The annual storage fee charged for each unit is guaranteed not to increase for 21 years after the client’s enrollment.

Community Service

To honor the families who serve and protect America, MiracleCord offers special discount pricing for military personnel. Call MiracleCord’s cord blood specialists at 1-888-743-2673 for more information.


Additional Services

In addition to traditional cord blood services, MiracleCord offers an enhanced Optimized Cord Tissue stem cell banking service. Cord tissue stem cells are vastly different from cord blood stem cells, and can potentially be used to treat different diseases and conditions within the body.

MiracleCord's Optimized Cord Tissue processing provides families with a superior-quality stem cell product that can be expanded to allow for multiple uses. Optimized cord tissue maintains the integrity of all cell types contained within the umbilical cord tissue, and enables our lab to easily isolate and extract more viable cord tissue stem cells compared to segmented cord tissue.

Stem cells from our optimized cord tissue process are transplant-ready within a short time of being retrieved from cryogenic storage.

Prices with Additional Services

Contact MiracleCord at 1-888-743-2673 to ask about our current special offers.