LifeSource Cryobank


LifeSource Cryobank LLC is a locally owned company headquartered in Covington Louisiana at Lakeview Regional Medical Center.  We are proud to be Louisiana's first and only private cord blood bank committed to serving the families of Louisiana and Mississippi with our personal courier services.  Our focus is on delivering excellent services and affordable pricing with the first year interest free payment plans.

Labs and Locations

LifeSource Cryobank laboratory is located at their headquarters:
101 Judge Tanner Blvd.
Suite 502
Covington, LA  70433

Business Experience

Established in 2007, LifeSource Cyrobank LLC is a physician-inspired company, committed to the mission of preserving for future use stem the cells of both the newly born as well as adults, for when an unexpected  
medical need arises. LifeSource Cyrobank is located 30 miles north  
of New Orleans in Covington Louisiana.

The Scientific Director, José J Minguell, PhD, is a Cellular Biologist, well published and recognized for his contributions to research in adult stem cells and regenerative medicine.  Dr. Minguell is world renown for his isolation and discovery of mesencyhmal stem cells (stem cells more often found in bone marrow) in umbilical cord blood (UCB), as well as his leadership in establishing the first bone marrow transplant program in South America. This ground breaking bone marrow transplant program was established two years prior to any American based bone marrow transplant program.

The umbilical cord blood and adult stem cells are processed in our state-of-the-art cGMP laboratory, registered with the FDA, that has been specifically designed to ensure the safety and integrity of the stem cells we collect.   Both new born cells from umbilical cord blood (UCB) and stem cells from adult bone marrow (BM), are cryopreserved in specially designed liquid nitrogen storage units that maintain specified therapeutic temperatures while insuring the stored cells never are in direct contact with liquid nitrogen.   These storage units are not affected by power failures, providing an additional level of security for our clients.  LifeSource is located in a hospital building with back-up generator power and continuous security surveillance.  The storage units are confined in a secure and locked area with limited access. Finally, LifeSource is located on the fifth floor eliminating any worry of damage from high water or flooding.

Collection Kit

LifeSource Cryobank's collection kit contains all the components required to collect the umbilical cord blood and maternal blood. The umbilical cord blood collection process is based on gravity flow of the cord blood into the collection bag. LifeSource Cryobank utilizes the 250 mL Baxter/Fenwal blood bag containing 35 mL of the anti-coagulant Citrate Phosphate Dextrose (CPD). A sterile extension is provided for use during a C-section.

Transportation Container

LifeSource Cryobank's kits are designed to protect of the cord blood and maternal blood samples during the shipping process.

Shipping Info:

One the main characteristics of LifeSource Cryobank is our personalized service. As soon as we receive the call of delivery, the personal picking-up process is arranged to be performed from the mother's hospital room within the next 12 hours after delivery. We are staffed to provide services during weekends and holidays.

Processing Method

The state-of-the-art facility where your baby's umbilical cord blood will be processed was specifically designed to ensure the safety and integrity of the stem cell samples we collect. All stem cell samples are processed in a GMP laboratory which is registered with the FDA, where quality control and assurance procedures are in place to provide high standards for monitoring equipment, air quality and particle counts to maintain and protect your child's umbilical cord blood sample.

Every umbilical cord blood is manually processed in our GMP laboratory, under a closed system, to reduce the risk of bacterial contamination after collection. Storage conditions at -196 degrees C prevent any possibility of cross-contamination due to accidental bag leakage.

Components Stored

The product stored at LifeSource Cryobank consists of Stem Cells depleted of red blood cells. Each unit is stored in a cryobag with three integrally attached segments used for future testing. Once the unit is confirmed to meet the criteria for long term storage, the parents are receive a certificate and a final report containing the following information:
ƒ{    unique ID
ƒ{    date and time of processing
ƒ{    blood type
ƒ{    collected volume
ƒ{    total nucleated cells (TNC)
ƒ{    total CD34+ cells (stem cells)

Storage Method

All umbilical cord blood units are stored in a special cryogenic freezer, in the vapor phase of cryogenic nitrogen to minimize the risk of cross contamination.

Licensing & Accreditation

LifeSource Cryobank is registered with the FDA.

Clinical Experience

The founder of LifeSource Cryobank is cardiologist Gabriel Lasala, M.D., also head of a group of cardiologists in Covington, Louisiana.  The Scientific Director of LifeSource Cryobank is Dr. José J Minguell, formerly Director of the Dept of Cellular Therapy at the Universidad de Chile in Santiago, and leader of the Bone Marrow Transplant Program Laboratory at Clinica Las Condes in Santiago, Chile.  Dr. Minguell has published a number of articles in the medical literature about the presence of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) in bone marrow and their potential for cardiomyoplasty (growing heart tissue).

LifeSource is linked to TCA Cellular Therapy, a research and development company interested in regenerative medicine therapies in which stem cells promote cardiovascular repair.  They are presently participating in clinical trials in which an adult heart attack patient receives stem cells from his or her own bone marrow during bypass surgery or angioplasty.  In addition to offering cord blood storage, LifeSource Cryobank offers adults the opportunity to bank stem cells filtered from the patient's peripheral blood in a process known as apheresis.


$2,300.00 - First Year Total
   $125.00 - Yearly Storage Fee