LifeLine Cryogenics


LifeLine is a broad spectrum cryogenics company in business since 1991, offering storage of sperm, eggs, ovarian tissue, embryos, and cord blood.

Labs and Locations

LifeLine Cryogenics
1275 Summer St.
Stamford, CT 06905

LifeLine Cryogenics Cord Blood Bank processes and stores in Stamford Connecticut. LifeLine only markets under the proprietary name of LifeLine Cryogenics . Only cord blood is processed at LifeLine Cryogenics.

Business Experience

LifeLine has been processing and storing cord blood since 2002, with 4000 units in inventory as of Nov. 2011. The medical director of LifeLine is Gad Lavy M.D., F.A.C.O.G., the founder of New England Fertility.  LifeLine is accredited by the AABB, and is both licensed and inspected by the states of NY and CA.

Collection Kit

The LifeLine Cryogenics collection kit uses the sterile cord blood collection bag from Pall. This cord blood collection bag is sterile both internally and externally and can be used in the operating room for both vaginal and C-section delivery.
LifeLine uses the blood anticoagulant Citrate Phosphate Dextrose Solution (CPD), that is recommended by the FDA. The collection kits also includes disinfection supplies: 2 McKesson Alcohol Prep Pads and 1 Povidone-Iodine Prep Pad.

Transportation Container

LifeLine Cryogenics Cord Blood Bank provides thermal insulation for all air–transported cord blood. Each cord blood unit is tested for cell viability upon receipt of the cord blood.

Shipping Info:

Shipping arrangements are made by LifeLine Cryogenics. First year costs include the price of transport. The courier srvice Midnight Express is used for all air transported cord blood. Courier service is available 24/7 including 365 days a year. Dedicated ground courier is used as well.

Processing Method

LifeLine uses the method of manual cell separation by sedimentation and spin.

Components Stored

In addition to storing the component of the cord blood that holds stem cells, LifeLine also stores small portions of red cells and plasma. Parents are provided, upon request, with a report on the laboratory processing that includes: blood volume, blood type, sterility cultures, TNC (Total Nucleated Cell count), viability pre- and post-processing, and CD34+ count (a measure of stem cells). Parents all receive a letter from the medical director confirming the storage of their baby's stem cells and the outcome of the infectious disease testing.

Storage Method

LifeLine final storage is in the Pall Medical Freezer bag with overwrap. The freezing bag is compliant with the AABB requirement for integrally attached testing segments cryo-preserved with the product. These extra segments enable additional testing prior to transfusion. LifeLine uses Thermo Scientific automated freezers filled with medical grade cryogenic liquid nitrogen.

Licensing & Accreditation

The laboratory of LifeLine Cryogenics is:
  • Registered and inspected by USA FDA
  • Licensed to operate in NY, CA
  • Accredited by AABB

Clinical Experience

LifeLine has released one unit of cord blood to be used in autologous therapy for the baby from which it came. Parents are informed if their cord blood stem cell collection is below the cell count required for a transplant. In that event, parents will be given ample time to decide if they want to store the collection anyway.  If long term storage is not chosen, LifeLine will refund the processing fee.


LifeLine Cryogenics provides a Quality Product Guarantee: If the stem cells are used for medical therapy and fail to engraft, the legal owner of the cord blood will receive a $10,000 payment to locate an alternate source of matching stem cells.  Please contact the company for details.

Community Service

  • LifeLine offers a discount to military personnel.
  • LifeLine will provide free cord blood banking for families where an immediate family member has a diagnosis for which transplantation is standard therapy. Applications are reviewed and approved by the Director.


At LifeLine Cryogenics the total first year cost is only $1350.  The cost breaks down as: $300 Enrollment, $900 Cord Blood Processing, $150 Courier Service, and the first year of storage is Free.
  • Processing fee is not due until the cord blood is received at LifeLine.
  • Starting the 2nd year, annual storage is $115.
  • Pre-paid 20 year storage available for $1725 ($575 savings).
  • Discounts for pre-paid storage are also available in 5 year increments.
  • Unused storage fees will be refunded. For example: If the family pays for 20 yrs but retrieves the cord blood after 5 yrs, then 15 yr of storage will be refunded.
  • Payment plans available on the $900 processing fee are 12 months at $99 or 6 months at $175.
  • Gift Registry available.
  • Returning families receive $100 discount.