Lifebank (Insception Lifebank)


Insception Lifebank Cord Blood Program, is the first, largest and most experienced national FACT‐accredited cord blood bank in Canada. In September 2012, Insception  acquired Lifebank Corporation based in Vancouver, British Columbia.   By continuing to partner with leading Canadian hospitals such as Toronto's Mount Sinai and Scarborough Hospitals, the Insception Lifebank Cord Blood Program is able to provide every Canadian family with security, state‐of‐ the‐art processing and storage, financial stability and long-term professional governance.

Labs and Locations

Lifebank’s corporate head office is located in Burnaby, British Columbia. We are home to the highest accredited and most advanced laboratory and cryogenic family cord blood stem cell storage facility in Canada. Click here for a virtual tour of our facility.
Lifebank Corp.
Technology Place – BCIT Campus
200-4475 Wayburne Drive
Burnaby BC, V5G 4X4 Canada

We have regional nurse educators in BC, Alberta, and Quebec, as well as an office location available in the US for client support and collection kit distribution:
1465 Slater Road
Ferndale, WA  98248 USA

Business Experience

Lifebank was the first company to offer family cord blood banking in Canada and we have been in continuous operation since 1996. We have customer service representatives available in-person or by phone to assist clients and provide information on cord blood banking to expecting parents. We have over 15,000 cord blood units in storage and have successfully infused three cord blood units for clinical treatment. Our dedicated staff consists of a variety of health professionals including physicians, experienced lab technologists, and registered nurses. Lifebank’s Medical & Scientific Director, Dr. Anil K. Mangal, is a licensed Canadian hematologist; he has final responsibility for maintaining the high standard of cord blood bank operations, and its overall compliance with regulatory standards, including all components of the cord blood bank’s policies and standard operating procedures. Lifebank has a highly esteemed Medical Advisory Board that represents a cross section of medical and research professionals.

Collection Kit

The collection kit provided contains all necessary items to provide a safe and sterile collection of cord blood. Lifebank uses a Health Canada and FDA licensed cord blood collection bag.The collection bag is sterile and approved for use in both vaginal and cesarean deliveries. It contains CPD, the industry standard anti-coagulant for cord blood collection. The cord blood is collected using the gravity collection method.

Transportation Container

Lifebank uses a validated shipping container to provide safe and secure transportation of the cord blood unit. The container provides thermal insulation and is designed to prevent temperature fluctuations. A temperature gauge is included in each container. Cord blood units remain at ambient temperature and are shipped directly to the Lifebank laboratory for processing.

Shipping Info:

Lifebank personnel will assist in arranging appropriate transportation of your cord blood unit to our laboratory and track and trace all shipments. Lifebank works with credible and reliable companies such as FedEx, Air Canada, MedX, Dynamex and World Courier to make sure your unit  arrives back with us safely. Lifebank logistics representatives are available seven days a week to coordinate shipments. The contract price does not include shipping charges.

Processing Method

Lifebank utilizes the latest technology for the collection, processing and storage of cord blood stem cells. To ensure a cord blood unit of the highest quality and safety we utilize:
•    Closed system processing.
•    Routine multiple extraction cell recovery.
•    Enumeration and viability of CD 34+ cells using an industry validated flow cytometry procedure.
•    State-of-the-art computer operated controlled rate freezing and Liquid Nitrogen vapor phase storage tanks.
•    Comprehensive Serological and NAT donor screen infectious disease testing. AABB, FACT, Health Canada and FDA compliant.
•    Pharmaceutical grade reagents and aseptic standard operating procedures.
•    Continuous quality assurance systems operation.

Components Stored

Lifebank utilizes a manual cell separation by centrifugation. This method has been validated by Lifebank to provide the maximum recovery of stem cells and meets or exceeds current automated processing technology. We do not store whole blood.

Storage Method

The cord blood is stored in a double compartment cryopreservation bag especially designed for long term storage of cord blood stem cells at ultra-low temperatures. Lifebank cord blood units are stored in the vapour phase of cryogenic nitrogen, the current industry standard in cord blood banking.

Licensing & Accreditation

•    Lifebank is the first and the only family cord blood bank stem cell bank in Canada to earn the industry’s highest accreditation from the Foundation of Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT) in February 2010.  The cellular transplant medical community regards FACT accreditation as a gold standard of quality, performance and integrity.
•    Lifebank was the first Canadian cord blood bank to be accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) in March 2005.
•    Lifebank is registered with both Health Canada and the FDA.

Clinical Experience

Lifebank has released three cord blood stem cell units. The units were used by the baby from which they came in autologous therapy. Please follow these links for more information regarding these treatments in US clinical studies using stem cells to treat Type 1 Diabetes and Cerebral Palsy.


Annual fees are guaranteed not to change for the duration of the contract (18 years). In the event that the sample volume is low, parents are informed of their options prior to processing and may choose not to proceed with long term storage. In this case, processing and annual storage fees will not be charged.

Community Service

Lifebank operates a Critical Needs Program, in collaboration with the BC Children’s Hospital Oncology Department, providing parents with the opportunity to bank umbilical cord blood from the newborn in the event that a sibling has a specific medical condition that may be treated with a cord blood stem cell transplant. The cord blood collection, processing and storage are provided at no cost to the parents for a period of five years.


One Time Family Registration Fee: $155.00
The registration fee provides parents with a personal umbilical cord blood collection kit, which includes a sterile field cord blood collection bag and instructional protocols. The registration fee is waived for any future units parents choose to store with Lifebank.
Processing Fee: $895.00
Annual Storage Fee: $125.00
Please see the Lifebank website for more details regarding our fees and payment plan options.