Institute of Cell Therapy


Institute of Cell Therapy is a leader in the collection and storage of umbilical cord blood in Ukraine. Our cryobank is modern, highly-technological and the largest complex in Ukraine, with more than 500 square meters of area including laboratories for the cell separation, clinical diagnostics and laboratory of molecular studies (PCR), cryo-conservation and the scientific division.

Labs and Locations

The institute of cell therapy owns a clinical diagnostics and laboratory of molecular biology (PCR) at their headquarters in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Business Experience

The Institute of Cell Therapy cord blood bank was established in the year 2004 in Kyiv as the first in family bank in Ukraine. Now we are the biggest bank in Ukraine and the only one which has their own clinic for stem cell treatment.

Collection Kit

The collection kit is sent to the hospital two weeks ahead of the baby's expected date of birth.

Transportation Container

The shipping container is guaranteed to maintain temperature for a certain number of hours, to permit a safe arrival at the lab.

Shipping Info:

Shipping is included in the base price within the home country, costs extra from outside. Employees of the bank pick up the blood from selected hospitals any day of the week.

Processing Method

The processing method is manual cell separation by sedimentation & spin.

Components Stored

Parents are provided with a certificate describing test results (volume, cell counts, viability).

Storage Method

Final storage is in blood bags or vials (client chooses). Temporary storage in a quarantine freezer, then move to long term freezer. The freezer uses the vapor phase of cryogenic nitrogen.

Licensing & Accreditation

Licensed by Ministry of Health of Ukraine. In the process of accreditation to  ISO 9001 and GLP.

Clinical Experience

The bank participates in clinical trials using cord blood in cooperation with the Ministry of Health.


Guarantees and the amount of compensation are prescribed in the client contract.

Community Service

Institute of Cell Therapy provides free banking to children with congenital abnormalities, and to families where an immediate relative has a diagnosis for which transplantation is standard therapy. Discounts are given to repeat customers, medical doctors, and customers in early pregnancy (up to 15%).


The cost of collecting, processing, analysis and 1st storage fee of umbilical cord blood - $ 740.
The cost of one year storage - $ 150
Discounts for pre-paid annual storage:
for 5 years – 15%;
for 10 years – 30%;
for 20 years – 45%.

Additional Services

Storage of stem cells from the placenta is also available.

Prices with Additional Services

Institute of Cell Therapy offers placenta banked with cord blood for additional $350 processing, no change in storage fee.