InnovaStem S.r.l. is the only company in Italy that provides "guarantee of use": if the cord blood is required for autologous use and is not usable, InnovaStem will reimburse the parents their costs plus pay €5000.

Labs and Locations

InnovaStem laboratory is located in BioCity Leipzig, Germany:
BIO-NET LEIPZIG Technologietransfergesellschaft mbH
Deutscher Platz 5a
D - 04103 Leipzig

Business Experience

The original name of the Italian parent company was I.M.S. Innovative Medical Solutions S.r.l. (IMS), a biotech society that was founded in 2004 and began banking cord blood in 2006.  Originally, they contracted laboratory services to the Deutsches Rotes Kreuz (DRK), in Mannheim, Germany.  In 2009 the company commenced construction of a tissue cell bank in the BioCity Leipzig.  The name of the parent company became InnovaStem in 2010.  A German subsidiary, InnovaStem GmbH, operates the laboratory and receives cord blood from InnovaStem S.r.l. in Italy, from Sevibe Cells in Spain, and from Humano in Slovenia.  InnovaStem is engaged in  a R&D project in partnership with the Fraunhofer IZI for Cell Therapy (Leipzig) that studies the storage, isolation and use in animal models of placenta derived cells.

According to Vita34, InnovaStem went bankrupt in 2013....
Sevibe has a lab in Spain and now works with Famicord.
Humano in Slovenia is gone.