Genesis Bank


The Genesis Bank is the family banking brand of Cook General BioTechnology, a Cook Medical company. Genesis Bank provides cord blood and cord tissue processing as well as on-site storage. We are the only bank to create a master cell bank from umbilical cord tissue with plans accommodating different budgets from big to small.

Labs and Locations

Cook General BioTechnology, LLC
1102 Indiana Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Cook General BioTechnology is a sub-contract laboratory for these cord blood banks:
  • - SouthernCord, Huntsville, AL
  • - Cordon de Vida
  • - Americord, New York, NY
  • - Miracle Cord, Chicago, IL

Business Experience

The Genesis Bank has been in operation since 2007, and is the family banking brand of Cook General BioTechnology, a Cook Medical company. We are locally owned and operated in downtown Indianapolis. We have friendly staff that are ready to personally handle your questions and take your order. We have thousands of cord tissue and cord blood units stored in our tanks and are the only bank that offers a master cell bank as a cord tissue banking option. As a member of the Cook Medical family of companies, with its 50 year history of putting patient care first, Genesis Bank offers the stability and long-term security our customers deserve.

Collection Kit

Our collection kit has been validated to pharmaceutical grade shipping standards and will hold ambient temperature for 48 hours. All of the materials needed for collection are included in our collection kit. We use the gravity method of cord blood collection in a Pall bag with CPD (Citric Phosphate Dextrose) anticoagulant. Our collection kit uses a sterile collection bag, which may be used during a C-Section procedure.

Transportation Container

It’s very simple to return your child’s cord blood and/or cord tissue, and our validated kit ensures the temperature inside the kit will remain ambient during shipping. Simply repack the collection kit with your cord blood and cord tissue, seal it, and follow the shipping instructions.

It is preferred that we receive the kit within 72 hours of collection to protect the viability of the sample.

Shipping Info:

Free overnight return shipping is included with the purchase of your collection kit. We use a private courier for our standard shipping method. We have staff on hand to receive your delivery every day, including weekends and holidays.

Processing Method

The Genesis Bank employs manual cell separation by the "Rubinstein method".

Components Stored

We perform a plasma and red blood cell depletion to isolate the "buffy coat" of the blood that contains white cells and stem cells.

Storage Method

Once the cord blood has been processed, the bag and a 2ml CellSeal™ vial* are placed in a storage cassette. The cassette is gradually cooled at -1°C per minute. The unit is then stored safely in one of our stainless steel tanks filled with cryogenic nitrogen vapor at -196°C.

*The CellSeal™ vial is used for any future testing, thus giving you a full unit for therapeutic use.

Licensing & Accreditation

The Genesis Bank is registered with the FDA and is AABB accredited. We have an Indiana State Blood Bank License, Cord Blood Procurement and Cord Blood Processing Licenses in New York, New Jersey Blood Bank License, Maryland Medical Lab Permit, Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene-Tissue Bank Permit, and are certified with CLIA.

Clinical Experience

So far we have had 3 units released for transplant. 


Due to the nature of biological material, we don't currently offer any guarantees.


Our total cost for your first year is $495 for our whole cord tissue service and $2,050 to store both cord blood and cord tissue. This price includes the collection kit, standard shipping, processing, and five years of free storage. We offer several discounts on long-term storage depending on what option you select. We currently offer discounts anywhere between 5%-15% off of the yearly storage rate if you purchase a long term storage plan.

We offer payment plans for six to 12 months. The only upfront cost is the cost of enrollment, which is a non-refundable $229 fee.

Additional Services

In addition to banking umbilical cord blood and cord tissue, we are proud to offer our cord tissue master cell banking plan, Advantage Premier.

With Advantage Premier, we are able to isolate and expand stem cells found in whole tissue to create a master cell bank of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) that could potentially yield thousands of doctor-prescribed doses. Cord blood banking, whole tissue banking, and five years of free storage come standard with our Advantage Premier plan.

Please call us at 1-800-804-670 for more information concerning the difference between whole tissue banking and master cell banking.