Cordón de Vida


Cordón de Vida has the first cord blood laboratory in Central America to achieve AABB accreditation. They offer 2 lab options: storage in their local lab in Panama or in FamilyCord in California, USA.

Labs and Locations

Cordón de Vida started in 2003 as an affiliate of the USA private bank, FamilyCord.  As of March 2007, Cordón de Vida operates the first cord blood lab in Panama serving Latin America. They have a partnership with FamilyCord, who provides external assessment for all laboratory procedures. In 2010 Cordón de Vida received AABB accreditation.  In addition to Panama, they currently (August 2014) have offices in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Venezuela. Cordón de Vida offers two different storage options: one in their local laboratory in Panama, or with their partner FamilyCord in California, USA.