Banco de Células Madre de Cordón Umbilical (BSCU) is operated by Angeles Group, the biggest hospital-chain in Mexico. BSCU processes, stores, and releases transplants of stem cells from bone marrow and peripheral blood.  Since 2004 they have stored cord blood.

Labs and Locations

Laboratory name is Banco de Células Madre de Cordón Umbilical (BSCU) located in Mexico City at:
Hospital Angeles del Pedregal Camino Santa Teresa 1055-PB,
Colonia Heroes de Padierna,
CP 10700 – Delegacion Magdalena Contreras,
Mexico DF

Business Experience

BSCU receives around 600 cord-blood collections yearly. The staff of the processing facility presents parents with a report on the volume and condition of the collection. Parents will be informed in case of low volume (under 40 ml) and advised of the required amount of stem cells for a successful treatment. It is after this information that parents take the decision to continue with the processing or agree to discard the sample. About 15-20% of our collections are discarded. In that case parents will only be charged the inscription fee.

Collection Kit

The BSCU collection bag is made by TERUMO, and it is sterile both inside and outside so that it can be used in the operating room for a C-section.  The collection bag contains the anti-coagulant CPD, and comes accompanied with instructions for the sterile collection-method. The collection kit also comes with 2 vials for maternal serum samples.

Transportation Container

This is covered in the next paragraph...

Shipping Info:

Shipping arrangements are made by BSCU.
  • Local (Mexico City) samples will be collected at the hospital of origin by employees of BSCU and will be transported in containers with thermal insulation to our processing facility. Costs will be covered by BSCU.
  • Foreign samples (outside Mexico City) will be collected at the hospital of origin by employees of BSCU and will be transported by DHL or Estrella Blanca, with instructions for packing and maintaining at room-temperature, to our processing facility. Costs will be covered by the parents.

Processing Method

Cord blood is processed by the fully automated Sepax system from the Swiss company Biosafe. The Sepax system maintains a testing segment of cord blood integrally attached to the main storage bag, which serves as quality control and ensures that the storage conditions are the same in the testing segment and the whole sample.

The processing system for bone marrow, peripheral blood stem cells, and as a contingency plan we use: manual separation using the Rubinstein method with Hidroxyethyl starch solution (HES 6%). With this method we utilize a closed system distributed by Thermogenesis.

Components Stored

BSCU stores the "buffy coat" layer of blood that holds white cells and stem cells, together with 3 testing portions.  BSCU also stores plasma and maternal serum. Parents are provided with a certificate describing all test results: cell counts, viability and blood type.

Storage Method

Final storage is in a blood bag that has 2 compartments, plus 3 aliquots, encased in over wrap and held in a metal canister.  BSCU stores cord blood in a BioArchive automated freezer from Thermogenesis, which is cooled by liquid nitrogen. Bone marrow and Peripheral blood samples are stored in freezers cooled by the vapor phase of cryogenic nitrogen.

Licensing & Accreditation

BSCU is licensed by the Mexican National Ministry of Health, license number SSA08T09008018, and is accredited by ISO 9001:2000.  Accreditation under ISO 9001:2008 is in preparation.

Clinical Experience

BSCU receives around 600 cord-blood collections yearly. BSCU also stores Bone Marrow and  Peripheral Blood. Since 2004 until Nov.2011, more than 25 of these stem cell transplants were released, both for autologous and allogenic therapy.  Plus, BSCU has experience with clinical trials.  BSCU cooperated with the IMTC (Instituto Mexicano de Terapia Celular) in a clinical trial to treat urinary incontinence with skeletal-derived stem cells.  BSCU is culturing stem cells for another clinical trial to treat anal incontinence, with Instituto National de Nutricion.

Community Service

BSCU welcomes opportunities for community service.  For children at the cancer treatment facility in Guadelajara, Mexico, BSCU provides at-cost preparation and storage of stem cells from bone marrow and peripheral blood.  BSCU also offers special discounts to members of some Cancer Foundations.


Collection Kit: 3628.67 MXN (Roughly 280.00 USD)
Processing: 11,427.66 MXN (Roughly 880.00 USD)
Storage: 2109.66 MXN (Roughly 162.00 USD)
The first year of storage is included in the initial payment.

Discount Packages:
        5 year all inclusive: 25,198.94 (Roughly 1,938.38 USD)
        10 year all inclusive: 34,530.13 MXN (Roughly 2,656.17 USD)

Additional Services

Additional services offered are storage of bone marrow and peripheral blood.