AlphaCord, headquartered in Atlanta, GA, has worked with tens of thousands of families, for more than a decade, to preserve their newborn's valuable cells. AlphaCord provides cord blood banking services, as well as cord tissue storage. This company was founded on principles of affordability, and the highest quality banking. We strive to provide exceptional customer experiences.

Labs and Locations

AlphaCord now has an exclusive relationship with Lifeforce Cryobanks, a cord blood bank that has more than two decades of experience as a public bank. The lab is licensed by the FDA, accredited by the American Association of Blood banks (AABB), associated with the World Marrow Donor Association (WMDA), and a member of the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) program. Our lab has a proven track record of 100% success in providing viable samples for transplants. AlphaCord's lab has never had any interruption in services due to weather, electrical failure, or any structural issues.

Business Experience

AlphaCord began marketing cord blood preservation in 2002. Since then, we have added cord tissue storage. AlphaCord is a private company that has maintained financial stability without debt since inception. We have successfully stored stem cells from tens of thousands of babies throughout the years.

Collection Kit

The AlphaCord collection kit includes a 250cc blood bag. This bag contains 35ml of CPD anti-coagulant, and is ready to collect cord blood by the gravity method.  Our collection bag is sterile both inside and out and can be used for a C-Section procedure, as well as a vaginal birth.

Transportation Container

AlphaCord reports that all collections that were transported in their standard containers and received within 72 hours of birth contained viable cells.

Shipping Info:

Parents are provided with a collection kit that includes shipping labels and instructions. Contract pricing includes transportation by next day service, including Saturday delivery. Same day courier service is a discretionary option for the parents.

Processing Method

When your child's cord blood reaches the lab, processing takes place under a laminar flow hood. Once the cord blood is analyzed, the red cells and plasma are removed to leave the "buffy coat", the component of the blood which contains the stem cells. The buffy coat cells are prepared for a slow-rate induction into the freezing state, a process called cryopreservation. Over a period of many hours, your child's stem cells will be brought from room temperature to -190 C. Once frozen, the sample is placed in AlphaCord's cryogenic nitrogen vapor tanks, for long term preservation. In addition to the main sample, one or more small aliquots, or mini samples, will be saved separately.

Components Stored

Parents receive a Certificate of Storage that describes the cell counts, viability, and microbiology testing of the stored stem cells and other blood components.

Storage Method

Our accredited laboratory stores cord blood in blood bags and has backup generators in case of electrical failures. Long term storage of our clients' cord blood and cord tissue are consolidated in tanks owned by AlphaCord. In these tanks, the specimens are kept in cryogenic nitrogen vapor. The tanks are electronically monitored and have alarms in the unlikely event of any temperature deviations.

Licensing & Accreditation

AlphaCord's laboratory has the following accreditations:
•    Registered with the Federal Drug Administration (FDA)
•    Accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB)
•    Certified by the American Association of Bioanalysts (AAB)
•    Member of the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP)
•    Member of the World Marrow Donor Association (WMDA)

Clinical Experience

Our laboratory has successfully released more than 100 samples for clinical infusion, and all have been viable.


Current fees begin at $895 for the first year of cord blood storage. Please click this link to see other rates for banking with AlphaCord.

Additional Services

AlphaCord offers the option to save cord tissue along with, or independent of, cord blood.