Sir Richard Branson's cord blood bank saves boy


The Okoli family turned to Virgin Health Bank UK to help their oldest son Kosi, who had severe Sickle Cell Disease. Kosi's parents banked the cord blood from a newborn sibling who was not afflicted with Sickle Cell, and in 2010 Kosi received a transplant of stem cells from his sibling's cord blood. After a long recovery, he is now cured of Sickle Cell Disease. In this photo Kosi is seated to the far right, with his younger siblings.

Virgin Health Bank, founded by Sir Richard Branson, offers parents a unique Community Banking Programme in which clients privately save a portion of their baby's cord blood and donate the majority to a registry. The Virgin Health Bank gifted the stem cells that saved Kosi to the NHS Trust Hospital Network at no cost to the family or the hospitals. Here is their story in Richard's blog.

Sir Richard Branson with Chris Goodman of Viergin Health and Okoli famly
In this photo Sir Richard Branson poses with Chris Goodman, director of Virgin Health Bank (far left), Kosi's parents Chukwudelue and Sandra Okoli, and the Okoli children (Kosi at far right).

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