Cost of Cord Blood Therapy for Cerebral Palsy


Dr. Kurtzberg's group at Duke University Medical Center is giving young children their own cord blood stem cells to treat Cerebral Palsy and similar acquired brain injuries. In the US, the CDC finds about 1 in 300 eight year old children have Cerebral Palsy.

Previously Cerebral Palsy was considered incurable, but Dr. Kurtzberg's group has found that infusions of cord blood stem cells can improve children's motor and cognitive skills. Today they are running a clinical trial where children with Cerebral Palsy receive their own (autologous) cord blood stem cells as therapy.

Together with the charity Let's Cure CP, the Parent's Guide to Cord Blood conducted a survey to find out the real costs paid by real patient families who traveled to Duke to receive cord blood therapy for cerebral palsy.

The cost of medical care at Duke is completely free to all patients who qualify for the clinical trials. Patients who are on-trial also receive a travel stipend of $1000 per visit.

When patients are treated off-trial, Duke accepts whatever the patient's health insurance can pay. The only families who pay out of pocket for cord blood therapy are those who do not have insurance coverage in the US. This calls out the need for insurance plans that cover international travel for specialized medical care.

When young patients travel internationally for cord blood therapy, the cost of family travel and the cost of shipping the cord blood can exceed the cost of the therapy itself.

The medical costs for autologous cord blood therapy at Duke, the world's leading center in the development of emerging therapies with cord blood, is less than the typical cost of treatment at unverified stem cell tourism clinics.

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