NYtimes.com - Weighing Cord Blood Donation Against Private Banks


Photo credit Cara Paiuk.

Cara Paiuk, regular contributor to the Parent's Guide to Cord Blood, writes in today's issue of the NYTimes Motherlode blog

"With my first pregnancy, I donated my son's cord blood to the Carolinas Cord Blood Bank because its free mail-in kit program enables almost anyone, anywhere to donate. That was three years ago. When I found out I was pregnant last year, I assumed I would donate my child's cord blood again. Once I discovered I was carrying twins, however, I learned that I wasn't eligible to donate. The medical field considered me "of advanced maternal age", which, combined with carrying twins, elevated the risk for premature delivery. In turn, that made my girls 10 times more likely to develop cerebral palsy, for which cord blood therapy is currently in Stage 2 clinical trials. Suddenly, I had to re-evaluate private cord blood banking."

Read her full story on NYTimes Motherlode blog.

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