Medical Device for Cord Blood Collection


Today there are hundreds of cord blood banks, serving both the public and family clients, around the world. Since the first cord blood transplant 25 years ago, more than 30,000 have been performed worldwide. The biggest cord blood banks have hundreds of thousands of units in inventory, and many banks rely on automated equipment to facilitate stem cell separation and storage.

Yet, to this day, the act of collecting cord blood still relies on a trained technician to manually insert a needle into an umbilical cord vein.

Cellection Systems, a spin-off of Fallbrook Engineering, hopes to change that with their Cellect 250™ device for cord blood collection. The Cellect 250™ cuts the umbilical cord and collects the blood from all 3 umbilical cord blood vessels in one step, in a closed system.

The Cellect 250™ would consistently yield larger collections and could free cord blood banks around the world from reliance on phlebotomists. Public banks would not miss out on donations from births that occurred when staff were not on duty to perform the collection. Family banks that rely on busy midwives and obstetricians to collect cord blood would not have to worry about low collection volumes.

While the Parent's Guide to Cord Blood Foundation does not endorse any specific product, we can say unequivocally that wide adoption of a medical device for efficient collection of cord blood would revolutionize this industry.

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