Meet our Advisory Panel


Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood Foundation is proud to announce that we have increased the membership to our Scientific & Medical Advisory Panel by half again over the past year.  Our expert advisors ensure that the content of our educational materials are current and accurate.  No other charitable organization that educates the public about cord blood even has an expert advisory panel, let alone one that can boast so many leading physicians and scientists from around the world.

We would like to introduce you to the members of our Scientific & Medical Advisory Panel:

Our founding panel member is cord blood transplant physician, Joanne Kurtzberg, MD.  She pioneered the use of cord blood transplants in the US, pioneered the use of cord blood from unrelated donors for metabolic disorders, and pioneered the use of a child’s own cord blood for acquired neurological disorders such as Cerebral Palsy.

Our panel has an outstanding collection of researchers who are studying new developments using cord blood.  Mark Weiss, PhD, was a co-discoverer of mesenchymal stem cells in the tissue of the umbilical cord.  Ian Rogers, PhD, works on laboratory expansion of cord blood cell counts.  Sharon Low collaborates with several groups developing clinical applications of adult stem cells for regenerative medicine.  Solomon Ofori-Acquah, PhD, pursues sickle cell disease research and management in the "post-genomic era".  Alexey Bersenev, MD PhD, studies the role of genetics in stem cell self-renewal and errors, in order to better understand the development of leukemia.  Irene Martini, PhD, follows the field of basic stem cell research, particularly the transition of cord blood stem cells into induced pluripotent stem cells.  Aby Matthews, PhD, is a leader in research on optimum methods to cryopreserve living cells.

Our panel also has comprehensive coverage of the field of cord blood banking regulations and quality assurance.  Gail Moskowitz, MD, is experienced as a blood bank director and an inspector for the accreditation agency AABB.  Chris Goodman, MS, has expertise in three different regulatory standards:  AABB, FACT, and HTA.  Frank Schott, MBA, is familiar with German GMP standards. 

Another category where our panel has several members is childbirth care providers.  Kim Petrella, RN, is a labor & delivery nurse and an award-winning educator who trains medical doctors in cord blood collection.  Darla Lindenmayer, RN, is a doula and a mother of two children who received stem cell therapy, one from a donor and the other using his own cells.  Afriye Amerson, MD, is an obstetrician in private practice who also does media appearances to promote cord blood banking.  Jordan Perlow, MD, is a Maternal-Fetal Medicine program director who both speaks and publishes on the topic of cord blood banking.  Ed Guindi, MD, is a former obstetrician who now runs a bank offering both public donation and family storage of cord blood.

Finally, our Foundation seeks to stay on the forefront of informing parents about new experimental therapies with cord blood.  Cherie Daly, MD, recently joined the panel to provide better coverage of clinical trials around the world that are using cord blood.  The most recent addition to our panel is neurologist V. Belle, MD.  She is one of the first neurosurgeons in India to develop protocols for the use of donated cord blood to treat acquired neurological disorders such as Cerebral Palsy.

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