Expectant mom receives generous surprise


My husband deployed in January of this year and two weeks later I found out I was pregnant with our first child. I'm now 7 months pregnant and it has been quite the journey without him here. The nursery in our new home is nearly complete and ready for our son in September.

Last Saturday morning I went to the Home Depot  in Fairfax, Virginia, while trying to pick out shelves for the baby's closet. I went to the lumber department where an associate asked what I needed and I immediately broke down in tears (LOL – 7 months pregnant crying in the lumber department of Home Depot…). I explained I wanted 2 shelves and 2 hanging clothes rods and told him I was doing the project alone so please do not look at me like I'm stupid and ask why I don't have a man around to do this for me (a frustrating experience I had the night before). He told me not to worry and that he would help me complete the project. As we walked through the aisles and he gave me several options in wood and design, he asked about my experience the night before. I told him that my husband would love nothing more than to be building these shelves himself but he's deployed right now and I'm preparing for our first child alone. He expressed gratitude for my husband's work and sacrifice, and praised my strength for doing this alone, and then continued on with instructions on how to install these shelves.

He walked away for a minute and came back and introduced me to Bhalla, the store manager, and then introduced himself as Clint, the District Manager for the surrounding Home Depots in Northern Virginia. Clint then said that to make this as easy as possible for me, he was going to build and paint the shelves himself and I could pick them up when they were done. While flattered, I knew this was not a service I could afford and I told him that and thanked him anyway. He kind of brushed me off and said, "Follow me." He took me to the paint department where he explained to one of the associates what was to be done with the shelves then came back to me and said, "While it's clear you are a capable woman and I don't want to insult you, how would you feel if we sent someone out to your house next week to install these for you?" Speechless, I mustered up that I appreciated the gesture but I couldn't afford the services offered, when he cut me off and told me that this was on The Home Depot and they were happy to help. He thanked me and my husband for his service again and told me about some of the other community outreach projects The Home Depot has been involved in recently. So then I was balling my eyes out in the paint department too, so full of thanks and disbelief that people like Clint and Bhalla really do still exist and do things just out of the kindness of their hearts.

So Wednesday afternoon, Veton, their Master Carpenter, and Geno, their Master Painter, came to my house and installed these two shelves and rods and also hung this other shelf in the nursery that I couldn't have done myself.

The nursery looks perfect now and is just waiting on our sweet Little Baby Robinson at the end of September.

Thank you to The Home Depot in Fairfax, and especially to Clint and Bhalla for this amazing gift you have given us. After watching Veton and Geno do the work, I'm not sure I could've done it myself actually! ;) You will never know how thankful I am, but especially how thankful MY HUSBAND is, that our community has reached out to help me while he cannot physically be here.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
-- Lauren, Michael, and Baby Robinson

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